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Joan Baez


Together with young activist Caroli Mullen, Joan Baez organized the "Palo Alto Youth for Peace" with the aim of banning nuclear weapons.[1]

March on Washington

The March on Washington brought sharecroppers and college students, housewives and clergy, factory workers and school teachers from every part of the country. It attracted big-name celebrities, including actors Burt Lancaster, Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Marlon Brando, Ossie Davis, Dihann Carroll and Charlton Heston, singers Harry Belafonte, Bobby Darin, Josephine Baker, Lena Horne and Sammy Davis, Jr., athletes Jackie Robinson and Bill Russell and writer James Baldwin. Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, opera star Marian Anderson and folk singers Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Odetta, and Peter, Paul and Mary performed for the vast crowd.[2]


On December 11, 1972 Anniversary Tours, a Communist Party USA owned travel agency, booked Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, flights out of JFK Airport bound for Hanoi with folksinger Joan Baez, the Episcopal Rev. Michael Allen of Yale Divinity, Barry Romo of VVAW, and Gen. Telford Taylor, the former chief counsel of the war crimes trials of the Nazis at Nuremberg, Germany.

On December 13, 1972, Cora Weiss held a press conference and introduced Baez, Allen, Taylor and Romo as departing for Hanoi. Baez said she wanted to meet North Vietnamese and to witness war damage. Allen said they carried 500 pieces of mail. Weiss said this was COLIFAM’s 36th mail trip.

VVAW’s Barry Romo claimed the bombing was never to destroy military targets, but to terrorize and demoralize the Vietnamese people. Bombs falling on nonmilitary targets were not errors. The same homes and shops were hit several times, Romo claimed.[3]. Romo was later revealed to be a Maoist marxist, and leader of the VVAW's maoist faction which took over that organization about 1973. He showed up later as a leading member of the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), which controlled VVAW.

Open Letter to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

On May 30, 1979, singer/activist Joan Baez and several dozen people took out a full page ad in the Washington Post, Page A17, entitled "Open Letter to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam". It was written by Baez's organization, Humanitas/International Human Rights Committee, an organization formed, in part, by Baez's concern with "human rights" issues, and unspokenly, by her guilt at having protested US involvement in the war in So. Vietnam which led to the Hanoi communist dictatorship invading and conquering that country. Continual reports of human rights violations in conquered So. Vietnam led Baez to form Humanitas as a vehicle to speak out about various human rights issues around the world.

The full text of this "Open Letter" is reproduced en toto below, along with its list of "Co-Signers" which contains some very surprising names (who will be fully identified).

"Open Letter to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam"

Four years ago, the United States ended its 20-year presence in Vietnam. An anniversary that should be cause for celebration is, instead, a time for grieving.

With tragic irony, the cruelty, violence and oppression practiced by foreign powers in your country for more than a century continue today under the present regime.

Thousans of innocent Vietnamese, many whose only "crimes" are those of conscience, are being arrested, detained and tortured in prisons and re-education camps. Instead of bringing hope and reconciliation to war-torn Vietnam, your government has created a painful nightmare that overshadows significant progress achieved in many areas of Vietnamese society.

Your government stated n February 1977 that some 50,000 people were then incarcerated.*Amnesty International 1978 Annual Report. Journalists, independent observers and refugees estimate the current number of political prisoners between 150,000 and 200,000.

Whatever the exact figure, the facts form a grim mosaid. Verified reports have appeared in the press around the globe, from Le Monde and The Observer to the Washington Post and Newsweek. We have heard the horror stories from the people of Vietnam - from workers and peasants, Catholic nuns and Buddhist priests, from the boat people, the artists and professionals and those who fought alongside the NLF National Liberation Front.

  • The jails are overflowing with thousands upon thousands of "detainees."
  • People disappear and never return.
  • People are shipped to re-education centers, fed a starvation diet of stale rice, forced to squt bound wrist to ankle, suffocated in "connex" boxes.
  • People are used as human mine detectors, clearing live mine fields with their hands and feet.

For many, life is hell and death is prayed for.

Many victims are men, women and children who supported and fought for the causes of reunification and self-determination; those who as pacifists, members of religious groups, or on moral and philosophic grounds opposed the authoritarian policies of Thieu and Ky; artists and intellectuals whose commitment to creative expression is anathema to the totalitarian policies of your government.

Requests by Amnesty International and others for impartial investigations of prison conditions remain unanswered. Families who inquire about husbands, wives, daughters or sons are ignored.

It was an abiding commitment to fundamental principles of human dignity, freedom and self-determination that motivated so many Americans to oppose the government of South Vietnam and our country's participation in the war. It is that same commitment that compels us to speak out against your brutal disregard of human rights. as in the 60s, we raise our voices now so that your people may live.

we appeal to you to end the imprisonment and torture - to allow an international team of neutral observers to inspect your prisons and re-education centers.

We urge you to follow the tenets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant for Civil and Political rights which, as a member of the United Nations, your country is pledged to uphold.

We urge you to reaffirm your stated commitment to the basic principles of freedom and human establish real peace in Vietnam.

Joan Baez, President, Humanitas/International Human Rights Committee

[Coupons to clip with a message for Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General of the United Nations; Present Pon Duc Thang, Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam; and Ms. Joan Baez, either asking for the UN to "alleviate the suffering of prisoners of conscience in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV), the allowing of an international team to investigate "your prisons and re-education centers in the SRV, or in support of Humanitas]

List of Co-Signers:

NB: A question has been raised as to whether Terrence Hallinan actually signed this letter because he, and his brothers/father, also show up in the CPUSA's answer letter of June 24, 1979, NYT, as described below.

The Communists Attack Ad on Baez's "Open Letter" entitled "The Truth About Vietnam"

The Communist Party USA and Party sympathizers launched a vicious personal attack on Joan Baez for her ad addressed to Communist Vietnam's government concerning major violations of human rights. Their full-page ad, "The Truth About Vietnam" appeared in the New York Times (NYT) of June 24, 1979 and was addressed to Baez. The full text of this ad will appear immediately below this KW comment.

The signers of the ad constituted a very hard core of both CPUSA members (both open and covert), as well as their key supporters in various Party fronts including the U.S. Peace Council, National Lawyers Guild (NLG), National Chile Center, National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (NAARPR, National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC), National Center to Slash Military Spending, and affiliate organizations under CPUSA dominance if not total control at this time. They include the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a creation of the NLG; SANE, long under CPUSA influence; ILWU, a CPUSA control union; WILPF, long influenced and often led by CPUSA members; Coaliton of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), founded with significant CPUSA help; National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL), again with significant CPUSA influence in it and is affiliated with a Castro front, the American Association of Jurists (AAJ), and the Soviet front, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), etc.

Other people represent CPUSA penetration and often leadership of other labor unions, Chile fronts, and two organizations with all the indications of being created by the CPUSA, "Promoting Enduring Peace" (PEP) and the "Fund for Open Information and Accounting (FOIA), among others.

The full text of the ad appears immediately below along with the names of the signers and their true identities.

"The Truth About Vietnam"

Dear Joan Baez
We too are partisans of peace and human rights. We too marched and sang in opposition to our government's war of atrocity against Vietnam. And though we may have many differences among us, on this we agree: we are appalled at your recent attack on Vietnam and embarrassed by the ignorance it displays.

You write: "The cruelty, violence and oppression practicied by foreign powers in your country for more than a century continue today under the present regime." This is absurd. The French waged war on and pauperized Vietnam, robbed it of its natural resources, ruled with naked terror. Under the Japanese occupation, two million Vietnamese died of starvation in a single year. Our own government dropped more bombs on Vietnam than any country in history and ravaged the countryside with carpet-bombings, "free-fire zones," and defoliants that continue to take their toll in deformities, still-births and cancer. In the city of Saigon, according to the same newspapers in which you advertised, we left behind a half-million prostitutes, 140,000 heroin addicts, tens of thousands of orphans, and scores of thousands more crippled, deformed and driven insane by war, torture imprisonment.

Have you forgotten? Do you not care? Does any of this "continue under the present regime"? Of course not.
A sense of continuing responsibility and caring should lead one not to make outrageous charges without foundation but to demand that our government pay the $3.4 billion in reparations promised in the Paris accords, which it still fails to honor. Or to demand U.S. recognition which we alone, among major nations, vindictively deny.

"You accuse Vietnam of maintaining thousands of prisoners, whom you call, without a scintilla of documentation, 'prisoners of conscience' as if they were pacifist conscientious objectors or gentle scholars whose only crime was to hold differing thoughts from those of the government. Do you feel no compunction about assailing this people, a million-times victimized by our country, without supporting your charges with proof? The only 'evidence' you have offered -- and this was not included in your ad -- is the testimony of one Doan Van Toai, a hardly reliable source, given his ties to the Theiu regime and our own CIA. Perhaps your most immoral deception is the accusation of torture, which even our State Department has not accused Vietnam of committing. Nat Hentoff, a signatory of your letter, has publicly stated that his investigations reveal no such evidence."

"Until 1975, the Thieu and Ky regimes, backed by U.S. arms and billions of our tax dollars, maintained an army of over one million, a police force of 150,000, an administration of several hundred thousand and a criminal underground of similar dimensions, according to every available source. Within days of the liberation of Saigon over one million former soldiers and police were set free despite the fact that they had destroyed villages, massacred, tortured and looted. After what other revolution has there been such a clemency program?"

"Some 400,000 servants of the former barbaric regimes were sent to re-education camps. Should they not have been reeducated? Of these, 89 percent have returned home. 44,000 remain incarcerated -- three percent of the original 1.4 million active agents of the former repressive regime."

"we are saddened at the arrogant tone of your polemic, "as in the 60s, we raise our voices now so that your people may live." The people of Vietnam are living -- united, independent and free of all foreign occupation. Despite all predictions of a wholesale bloodbath following liberation, the national executive board of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) stated in a resolution at its February 1977 meeting, following a similar "open letter" from you and others, that it, "...Clearly recognizes and acknowledges that the reeducation program for former Saigon personnel carried out by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was absolutely necessary and does further recognize and acknowledge the remarkable spirit of moderation, restraint and clemency with which the reeducation program was conducted."

"Vietnam now enjoys human rights as it has never known in history as described in the International Covenant on Human rights; the right to a job and safe, healthy working conditions, the right to join trade unions, the right to be free from hunger, from colonialism and racism. Moreover, they receive -- without cost -- education, medicine and health care, human rights we in the United States have yet to achieve. This is despite the widespread disolocation, deprivation and poverty after centuries of colonialism, plunger and foreign invasions up to this year."

"Finally, we are puzzled at your scale of values. If you want Vietnam to live, where are your advertisements against the Chinese invading armies that killed thousands of Vietnamese this Spring? Or against our own government which, through diplomatic, economic and political means, acts to isolate and deprive this valiant people whom it could not kill with napalm, phosphorous, Agent Orange or Operation Phoenix?" Sincerely, {List of signers}:

Documents found at the National Archives, College Park, Md. Record Group 165 - US War Department and General Staffs, Entry 88 and 1065? , showed that Feinglass, as early as late 1939 or 1940, was one of the top CPUSA labor leaders in Illinois, along with Jack Spiegel, also a labor leader in the Shoeworkers Union, the various Mobes, and other CPUSA fronts. He was listed in an FBI report on a meeting of the State Bureau of the Communist Party of Illinois on July 5, 1940, as "V.P. Furriers Union (CIO). while Speigel (misspelled) Spiegel was identified as "of Shoe Workers' Union CIO. Also present at that meeting was the top American CPUSA operative of the Soviet Union (or would be shortly), one Morris Childs Morris Chilovsky, identified as "State Secretary CP of Illinois". Childs joined the new United Communist Party in 1921 and became essentially a Comintern agent in the 1930s among other high-ranking CPUSA and Soviet operations. He was later "turned", becoming the most valuable FBI operative in the whole Communist Party/CPSU operation during his lifetime.[12]

More of her communist/front activities were listed in the series of hearings entitled "National Peace Action Coalition (NPAC) and Peoples Coalition for peace & Justice (PCPJ)", HISC, including Part 2, June 1-5-17, 1971, where she was identified as one of the five coordinators of NPAC, a Trotskyite dominated faction of the old "Mobe" organizations, as well as being the Co-Coordinator of of its New York City affiliate, the New York Peace Action Coalition (NYPAC), as of June 1971, with an organizational identity as a member of the CPUSA-dominated Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF)on the NYPAC letterhead of that same month.

  • Yvonne S. Golden - Black Teachers Caucus, San Francisco. An "Yvonne Golden" of Florida, shows up on list of members of the Communist Party split-off faction known as the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (COC), July 1992, at their National Convention. She was listed as a member of the "National Coordinating Committee". The top vote getter for the NCC" was Angela Davis who split from the Sam Webb/John Batchell wing of the CPUSA. Information on the COC can be found at the Keywiki section entitled "Committees of Correspondence". She was also listed in the KW report in the "Early Activists" part as one of those listed "who stood for election to COC's first National Coordinating Committee, July 1992, and identified as "Yvonne Golden, San Francisco, African American, former school principal, peace and justice activist."

There is a good chance that this is the same woman from the 1979 anti-Baez ad, and that either the "Florida" reference was a typo or she moved during 1992.

  • Jesse Gordon - Writer and publicist, NY
  • Prof. Ewart Guinier - Harvard University - he was appointed as the first chairman of Harvard's Black Studies program, but they neglected to tell the public about his many decades long service in the CPUSA, including his demoralization attempts among American troops stationed there after WW2, through his "canteen", run along with his far-left wife Eugenia Guinier. Information about the Guiniers appeared in the SISS hearings on "The Scope of Soviet Subversion", the Hawaian subseries. He was also affiliated with the combined CPUSA/Soviet Union propaganda front known as the National Council for American-Soviet Friendship (NCASF) and their annual "luncheons" in New York City. One such event was the "Rally for Peace and Friendship", Chicago, Sept. 16, 1977, according to a notice in the CPUSA's newspaper, the Daily World of Sept. 14, 1977, pg. 8. Guinier was a scheduled speaker and identified as "Professor, Afro-American Studies, Harvard University."

His daughter was the radical lawyer Lani Guinier who the Clinton Administration tried to nominate for an important position in the US government, but was unsuccessful due to adverse publicity.

A Jose La Luz, of New York (City) and Puerto Rico, was identified as "Chair OSA Latino Committee, ACTWU Ed. Director, 1992, from information about the 1992 Committee of Correspondence's First National Conference and listed as a member of the National Coordinating Committee (See: KW entity on "COC" for the lists).

  • Edward Lamb - Toledo, Ohio. One of the CPUSA's top financial angels, Lamb was involved in radical and communist activities since the 1930's, and often included his wife Helen Lamb in them in the 1970's and 80's.
  • Corliss Lamont - Chairperson, National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC), one of the top CPUSA legal fronts cited by Congress as such. Lamont, an identified member of the CPUSA, has had his hands and money into so many things that they could not be listed here so you will need to go the his page at He has been associated with such CPUSA fronts as the New World Review publication and their luncheons, the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship (NCASF]] (CITATION needed), funded the first ad by the radical Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Vietnam (VVAW) they placed in Playboy Magazine, and many other affairs. Lamont was identified as a secret member of the CPUSA by former high-ranking CPUSA leader/editor Louis Budenz in hearings entitled "Institute of Pacific Relations", SISS, August 23, 1951, Part 2, pp. 673-674.
  • Michael Malin - Delaware Valley Peace Council - an affiliate chapter of the soon-to-be formed "U.S. Peace Council", Nov., 1979, an arm of the Soviet's "World Peace Council".
  • Ben Margolis - attorney, Los Angeles, and longtime identified member of the CPUSA and the NLG, among other fronts[16]
  • Joe Miller - SANE, Philadelphia. Miller has a long history of supporting various communist fronts and causes. Due to his having a common name, it has been hard to list every showing of that name in communist activities. However, when he is identified as being from Philadelphia, research has found no other person of that name involved in these groups except himself. Examples include: Sponsor of the SWP's front for protesting the Indochina war which issued "a call to an Emergency national Conference Against the Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam War", June 19-21, 1970, wherein he was identified as "Field Organizer, United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE),Minneapolis, whereas in an letter and sponsors list "Joe Miller, Philadelphians for Equal Justice", supporting and the far-left "Emergency Conference Committee" (Feb. 1970) set up to aid the Black Panther Party from criminal prosecutions. Here we had two "Joe Millers" in different cities at almost the same time, so the one listed on the anti-Baez piece was the one from Philadelphia.[17]. He also appears listed as a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party taken-over Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in the 1970's - 90s.
  • Charlene Mitchell - Exec. Secy. National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (NAARPR), a CPUSA front set up in 1973 out of the original various "Committees" to Defend Angelo Davis and other Political Prisoners.[18]. She was also later an open member of the CPUSA, running on their Presidential/VP ticket.
  • Michael Myerson - U.S. Peace Council (USPC). One of the CPUSA's top workhorses in the field. Started out in the CP's youth arm, the W.E.B. Dubois Clubs of America in 1967 or earlier, and worked his way into the Party's support Castro and Latin American guerrillas fronts including the Tricontinental Congress and the US CP front the Tri-Continental Information Center aka spelling, Tricontinental Information Center[19].

Myerson also was a member of the Central Committee of the New York State Communist Party before holding higher positions, as well as becoming the leader of their 1979 front, the U.S. Peace Council, an affiliate of the Soviet front, the World Peace Council.

  • Vivien Myerson - Vice President, WILPF.
  • Prof. Howard L. Parsons - University of Bridgeport, professor of Philosophy. Longtime CPUSA fronts leader including the American-Korean Friendship Information Center (AKFIC), the US Peace Council, and several others. (CITATION NEEDED FOR HIS WRITING IN THE CPUSA POLITICAL JOURNAL).
  • Robert Prince - VP, Colorado CC Federation of Teachers - once a covert member of the CPUSA in Colorado, Prince emerged into the open in the 1980's and was a key member of the US Peace Council and other CP fronts.
  • Pauline Rosen - (misspelled as "Paulene" - National Center to Slash Military Spending - Finally openly identified in the 1990's by the CPUSA as a founding member of that organization. A key leader in the CPUSA-dominated Women Strike for Peace, the various Mobes, and other CPUSA fronts. She had been identified by the HISC as a secret member of the CPUSA in one of their hearings on NPAC/PCPJ, due to photographic surveillance of her attending a closed Communist Party National Convention (HISC, Hearings, Part 1, New Mobilization Committee Against the War in Vietnam", April 15, 1970.
  • David Sales - Queens NY Coalition for Peace & Justice - Sales appears as a sponsor of CPUSA fronts over the following decades. Associated with the USPC.
  • Prof. Mark Solomon - Simmons College, professor of History. Another one of a handful of college professors who follow the CPUSA line and support key fronts, including the USPC. Was listed by the WPC as an US delegate in the "List of Members 1977-1980". At the Keywiki section on the CPUSA split-off, the Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Solomon (Boston) is identified as an elected member of the COC's National Coordinating Committee, July 17-19, 1992 convention. This was possibly the earliest identification of him as a "communist" in terms of being a member of an organized Party.
  • Bess Horowitz Starfield - Promoting Enduring Peace (PEC). A so-called "peace and friendship" with the Soviet Union organization whose leaders have had extensive ties to the CPUSA and their fronts for decades.
  • Dorothy R. Steffens - Found for Open Information & Accounting (FOIA). The FOIA was set up by the CPUSA and the ACLU to attack and discover U.S. internal security secrets. Steffens had a long history of supporting CPUSA fronts and causes, and was a leader of the CPUSA-dominated WILPF. Part of the "Hanoi Lobby" and the "Anti-Defense Lobby" coalitions.
  • Hope Stevens - attorney. National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL). A hardcore communist sympathizer, Stevens was connected to Cuba/Soviet legal fronts such as the IADL and the AAJ. According to his glowing obituary in the New York Times, June 25, 1982, he was born i n St. Kitts-Nevis in the Caribbean and came to the U.S. where he became a successful lawyer, founded "mutual insurance company and savings bank in Harlem", "fought job discrimination against blacks" and "became the first black president of the Uptown Chamber of Commerce. Among his other accomplishments, which the NYT did not fully describe, were:
  • President of the Manhattan council of the National Negro Congress - KW: a long cited CPUSA front
  • Co-Chairman of the NCBL from 1975-79
  • Chairman of the Harlem Urban Development Corporation
  • Member of the Offtrack Betting Corporation.

Not mentioned also was the fact that he was a founding member of the "U.S. Peace Council", Nov. 9-11, 1979, a totally CPUSA creation[20] He died on June 24, 1982 in New York City.

Supriano was identified as "formerly employed as a parole officer by the California Youth Authority and also a founder of the DuBois Clubs.

Two mailing coupons were the last items on the ad, one to Pres. Jimmy Carter and one to the CPUSA front, the U.S. Peace Council. Their texts are as follows:

"President Jimmy Carter, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, 20500. Mr. President: I urge you to recognize the government of Vietnam and put polices of hostility behind us. Also, to this end, I urge you to make good on our pledge and signature at the Paris peace talks by paying the money we promised in reconstruction aid".

U.S. Peace Council, 7 E. 15th Street, Room 408, N.Y., N.Y, 10003 "Dear Friends, I too believe that we in the United States who believe in peace and human rights have a continuing responsibility to Vietnam. I have sent my coupon to President Carter. Please keep me informed of other steps you group is taking to defend human rights, promote peace and friendship. Enclosed is my contribution to help place this advertisement in another newspaper as well."


While this ended the "battle of the ads", the fight over them continued in the Communist Party newspaper the Daily World of July 18, 1979, p. 9, with a DW Foreign Department unsigned article entitled "Vietnamese Respond to Baez Slander", the full text of which will appear below.


However, an interesting discussion on this issue appeared in Joan Baez's book "And A Voice to Sing With -- A Memoir" (Summit Books, 1989, "Part Six: "The Music Stopped in My Hand: 1. "Blessed Are The Persecuted". It contains a very interesting quote from Jane Fonda as to why she did not support the Baez ad.

More information on both Baez and the ad/Hanoi persecution issues can be found in the massive work of Roger Canfield entitled "Comrades in Arms: How Americong Won the War in Vietnam Against the Common Enemy - America". The important section here is entitled "Joan Baez Tests Conscience of the left, 1979", Canfield has done a masterful job of researching the "Hanoi Lobby" and their activities on behalf of Hanoi during the war, and heavily footnotes his statements with original sources. This online publication is an ever-growing work-in-progress in that it continually adds new materials as they are found in personal files, publications and at the National Archives. It is available for purchase through the author.

Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign

Circa early 1980s, Joan Baez was an endorser of a US-Soviet Nuclear Weapons Freeze petition circulated by the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, National Clearinghouse, based in St. Louis, Missouri.


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