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Robert E. Cole a economist and socialist activist. He is the former husband of Johnnetta Cole.

Marrying Johnnetta

After earning her bachelor's degree in anthropology at Oberlin in 1957, the future Johnnetta Cole went on to graduate study at Northwestern University. There she worked under noted anthropologists Paul J. Bohannan and Melville J. Herskovits. To her surprise, she also fell in love with a white graduate student in the economics program. "It was not my plan to fall in love with Robert Cole," she remarked in Ms."And I doubt seriously that this man coming from an Iowa dairy farming family … intended to fall in love with a black woman from Jacksonville, Florida." Nevertheless, the two were married. Robert Cole shared his wife's fascination with Africa, and after their wedding day, they traveled to Liberia to work cooperatively on research that would form the basis of both their dissertations.

The marriage ended in 1982[1].

New American Movement

In 1975 Johnnetta Cole was listed as a sponsor of the Second National Conference in Solidarity with Chile, February 8-9, 1975. Robert Cole, a sponsor of the same event, was identified as a member of the New American Movement, Amherst, Massachussetts.

The New American Movement was formed mainly by former members of Students for a Democratic Society and the Communist Party USA.

Communist Party connections

In 1975 Johnnetta Cole and Robert Cole were listed as sponsors of an ad in theNew York Timesof December 14, 1975 placed by the National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile, a Communist Party USA[2] front.

In 1978 Robert Cole was listed[3] as the editor of Labor Fact Book, published by the Labor Research Association, a congressionally cited Communist Party USA front.

Cuban trip

In 1978 Both Robert and Johnnetta Cole were identified on a leaflet advertising a tour to Cuba sponsored by the Venceremos Brigade and Anniversary Tours, a Communist Party USA business operation. The tour was entitled "Cubamobile #1" and was to be guided by the Coles from March 7-23, 1978.

U.S. Peace Council

In 1979 the Communist Party USA set up a U.S. affiliate[4]of the Soviet front[5]World Peace Council-the U.S. Peace Council. Johnnetta Cole was identified[6]as a founder of the U.S. Peace Council and she was named on the Partial List of Sponsors of the Nov. 9-11, 1979 National Founding Conference.

Robert E Cole, was listed on the U.S. Peace Council founding conference sponsors list as economist, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Institute for Policy Studies connection

The Institute for Policy Studies/TransNational Institute Annual Report for 1979-80 lists a sampling of seminars and lectures. Lecturers on U. S. political activities included Frances Fox Piven, James Weinstein, editor of IPS's weekly newspaper In These Times, Ned Crosby, president, Center for New Democratic Processes, Lee Benson, History Department, University of Pennsylvania, Harley Shaiken United Auto Workers consultant and Robert Cole, Economics Department, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.



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