Warren Smith

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Warren Smith

Warren Smith is a member of the Communist Party of Australia's Central Committee Secretariat, and national assistant secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia.[1]

Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution

Vinnie Molina October 21, 2017 ·


Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution in Sydney NSW. With Daniel Gasparri charge d'affaires Bolivarian republic of Venezuela. Communist Party of Australia, CPA. — with David Matters, Warren Smith, Daniel Gasparri, Wayne Sonter, Eliz Hulm, Bob Briton and Anna Pha.

CPA leadership

In February 2009, the Communist Party of Australia elected a new leadership after the death of long time General Secretary Peter Symon. The Party for the first time elected a woman to the position of Party General Secretary, well known political activist and former Party President Dr. Hannah Middleton.

Dr. Middleton was elected unanimously to the Party’s highest leadership position. Guatemalan born West Australian trade unionist Vinnie Molina was elected as the CPA’s new National President. For the first time in two decades the Party elected a National Organiser Denis Doherty.

“This election signals a process of renewal and reinvigoration for the Communist Party”, said Central Committee Chairperson Warren Smith.[2]

Australian connection

Zebedee Schrader December 11, 2019

Very exciting to be rekindling the ties between the working classes across the Tasman!

Great to catch up with Comrade Warren Smith, President of CPA Maritime Branch and Assistant Secretary of the MUA, while he's in Wellington. Good discussion on the trans-Tasman Communist and workers' movement. We are glad to have increasing practical ties with the Communist Party of Australia.