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Template:TOCnestleft National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile was a United States organization that supported Chile. That was the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) coverup description of what was a combined Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and mixed Castroites/Latin American Marxists united front that supported the former Marxist dictatorship-in-progress of Salvador Allende and his Cuban DGI advisors/terrorists.

"Less than two weeks before his assassination, Orlando Letelier was speaking at an event organized by the National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile, Chile Democratico and the Chile Committee for Human Rights, at Madison Square Garden which featured Joan Baez and Pete Seeger. And many of those who have sung in a new musical for honda humanosJackson rights Browne and Sting, among otroscantaron of Chile and Pinochet."[1].

Marxists Coordinate Anti-Chile Campaign

A comprehensive expose' report in the Congressional Record (CR) of May 4, 1976, pp. E2312-2314 (12499-12501, Hein Online version), Extension of Remarks, House of Representatives, Rep. Larry McDonald entitled "Marxists Coordinate Anti-Chile Campaign", laid out the communist coordinating of various pro-Allende marxist propaganda groups in the US. A large list of "sponsors" of the main group, the Communist Party USA CPUSA-created "National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile" (NCCSC) is included in this report, and the whole article will be reproduced below. The names make up one of the largest lists of communists, Marxists, and far-left liberals who supported CPUSA fronts and causes on Latin America, even exceeding those supporting "ExpoCuba" (aka Committee for the ExpoCuba, July 20/26 and the Center for Cuban Studies (CCS).

The text of the report is as follows:

"Mr. McDonald, of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, the "world Communist movement," as the Soviets like to term their propagandists, agents, and stooges, have decided to make their anti-Chile campaign a priority for 1976".


Second National Conference in Solidarity with Chile

Another report on the activities of the CPUSA front, NCCSC, aided by its local affiliate "The Chicago Committee to Save Lives in Chile" was published in the [[Congressional Record of Feb. 6, 1975, Extension of Remarks, pp. , Rep. Larry McDonald (D-Ga), and reprinted as Exhibit 11 - "Reds Prepare Anti-Chile Lobby" - in the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (SISS) "The Nationwide Drive Against Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations, Part 2", hearings, Sen. Judiciary Committee, 94th Congress, 1st Session, July 11, 1975, hearing pp. 180-185. This also included a many-paged list of Conference organizes and sponsors, many paralleling their listing in the earlier Congressional Record articles on the founding of NCCSC. This list will be reproduced below.

Both sets of CR reports on NCCSC and its operations contain one of the most extensive listings of both CPUSA members and supporters published at that time. For scholars of the CPUSA and their front operations, this SISS hearing of July 11, 1975, also included an April 12, 1973 letterhead of the old cited CPUSA front, "American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born" (ACPFB), which included such identified CPUSA figures as Frank Marshall Davis, a reputed "mentor" of a young Barack Obama in Hawaii and former U.S. Representative (D-Ca) Hugh DeLacy, p. 150. On page 151 was Exhibit No. 2, a Nov. 30, 1970 letterhead of another CPUSA front, the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights (CCDBR), which was an affiliate of the Chicago-based, anti-police/intelligence Alliance to End Repression (AER). They both, in turn, were parallel created CPUSA anti-law enforcement fronts to that of the already existing CPUSA front, the National Committee to Abolish HUAC, later renamed the National Committee to Abolish HUAC/HISC which, in turn, became the National Coalition Against Repressive Legislation (NCARL).

Many of the same CPUSA members and well documents sympathizers show up in the Chile fronts/conferences as well as the anti-law enforcement CP fronts. A bluelink of the names of individuals at their own Keywiki pages, with the names in other organizations and subject pages, will show conclusively the interlocking web of subversion of these CPUSA activists/sympathizers at both the national level and at the local (i.e. Chicago) level. These names and the letterheads that they appear on will be reproduced in KW.

The Chile letter

On August 1 1979 Thirty-five U.S. Congressmen signed a letter[2]to President Jimmy Carter demanding that private bank loans to Chile be barred unless the Chilean government chose to extradite three military officials, including the former director of the Chilean intelligence service. The three had been indicted for complicity in the assassination of marxist Unidad Popular government member and KGB agent Orlando Letelier and the killing of Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) staffer Ronni Moffitt in 1976.

In May 1978 the Chief Justice of the Chilean Supreme Court rejected the U.S. request for extradition.

Chief sponsor of the letter was Rep. Tom Harkin (D-IA), who was joined by Congressmen John Burton (D-CA), John Conyers (D-MI), Robert Kastenmeier (D-WI), Ron Dellums (D-CA), Berkley Bedell (D-IA), Richard Ottinger (D-NY), Fred Richmond (D-NY), Robert Drinan (D-MA), Leon Panetta (D-CA), Don Edwards (D-CA); Norman Mineta (D-CA), Pete Stark (D-CA}, Anthony Beileson (D-CA) George Brown (D-CA), Toby Moffett (D-CT), Dale Kildee (D-MI), Eugene Atkinson (D-PA), Michael Barnes (D-MD), David Bonior (D-MI), Adam Benjamin (D-IN), William Brodhead (D-MI), Robert Carr (D-MI), Tom Daschle (D-SD), Tom Downey (D-NY), Harold Hollenbeck (R-NJ), Pete Kostmayer (D-PA), Stewart McKinney (R-CT), Edward Markey (D-MA), Andrew Maguire (D-NJ) Richard Nolan (DFL-MN), Gerry Studds (D-MA), Bruce Vento (DFL-MN) and Howard Wolpe (D-MI).

The Harkin letter characterized the Chilean government as "an enemy of the American people" and urged the President to "take strong action against this terrorist government." The letter was released (9 A.M. on August 1 1979) at the same time a press statement from the Washington, DC, Chile Legislative Center of the National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile, staffed by veterans of the Venceremos Brigade and the Communist Party USA, supported the Congressional letter and urged pressure so that the State Department does not accept a military trial of the three Chileans in Chile as a substitute for extradition and trial in the US

Second National Conference in Solidarity with Chile

On February 8 and 9, 1975, the Second National Conference in Solidarity with Chile was held at Concordia Teachers College in the Chicago suburb of River Forest. Scores of known Communist Party USA (CPUSA) members and long-time documented supporters sponsored the event. [3].

"In February of 1975, an ITT spy boarded a bus in New York with 18 other persons headed for the Second National Conference in Solidarity with Chile, which was going to be held at Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois. An ITT surveillance photographer had snapped 11 photographs of the delegation as they boarded the bus. The photographs, a memo identifying the people photographed, and an eight page report on the conference itself eventually turned up in the files of the Chicago Police Red Squad...

The 12-member mission went to Chile in February of 1974 and returned to write a report that charged "flagrant violations of human rights, systematic use of terror and torture, economic chaos and strong evidence of U.S. involvement in the coup." Upon her return, Doris Strieter joined the Chicago Committee to Save Lives in Chile. "After going down there, there was no way I could remain uninvolved," she said. As chairwoman of the Chicago Committee, Doris Strieter co-sponsored the Second National Conference in Solidarity with Chile. Other organizers included Congressman Andrew Young, Gloria Steinem, and scores of religious, trade union and community leaders."[4]

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