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The United Methodist Church

History of UMC as a Leftist Organization

The United Methodist Church USA began to turn sharply leftward during the late 1960's and throughout the 1970's, becoming one of the most active leftist religious organizations in the Hanoi Lobby, the Anti-Defense Lobby, and later in the Latin American Lobby (re El Salvador, Nicaragua and Cuba). It illegally lobbied for legislation to cut aid to our allies in Indochina as part of the Coalition to Stop Funding the War CSFW and its successor, the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military policy, against the B-1 Bomber Stop the B-1 Bomber Campaign, and other similar groups. It would take donations and launder them through these lobbying groups despite the fact that the money given to them was tax-exempt under the IRS Code 501(c)(3).

The UMC was made up of "Boards", which during the late 60's and 70's, some of which were run by hardcore leftists, if not outright communist sympathizers. Among these boards and their leaders were:

Methodist Board of Christian Social Concerns - Board of Social Concerns:

  • George Vickers - Board of Missions, representative to the Jan. 1971 Chicago conference sponsored by NCAWRR, p. 1718, NPAC/PCPJ, Part 1. Also identified in a list on p. 3935 as at the Milwaukee PCPJ Coordinating Committee meeting on June 25-27, 1971, as a representative of the Methodist Church along with Mia Adjali, p. 3957. He then showed up, along with Mia Adjali on the NPAC Steering Committee as of July 2, as being members of theHarrisburg Defense Committee, a group set up to defend the Berrigan Brothers and others of charges that they schemed to kidnap Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.[3] NPAC had held an "anti-War Convention from July 2-4, 1971 in New York City.

The sources for the above listings and individuals came from the various "New Mobe" hearings and Staff study[4].

Others came from the 4 part hearings by HISC entitled "National Peace Action Coalition NPAC and Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice PCPJ, 1971 as well as from the Congressional Record of April 21, 1971, "The Second Front of the Vietnam War: Communist Subversion in the Peace Movement", Rep. John G. Schmitz (R-CA), et. al.


Jim Winkler is the General Secretary of the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society, the international public policy and social justice agency of the United Methodist Church.[5]

One Nation Rally

As at September 30, 2010, the church's General Board of Church and Society was listed as an endorser of the One Nation Rally which took place on October 2, 2010 in the mall, Washington, D.C. However, on October 1, 2010, one day before the rally was to take place, Jim Winkler, General Secretary, General Board of Church & Society for the United Methodist Church put out a statement rescinding the church's endorsement of the One Nation Rally, stating:[6]

"[The Board] is rescinding its endorsement of the “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 2. The board is disturbed by some of the overtly political and partisan statements issued by organizers of the march."

Other organizations endorsing the rally were Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.


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