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Colonialism meme

Khalil Vasquez December 25, 2012:


With Jose Garcia, Zhana Xhamila, Afua Kesse, Agust Freeman, Caro Yau, Tom Watts, Carlito Salinas, Charlie Uptown, Carlos Blanco, Ernst J. Pierre, Moises Delgado, Kas Nfinda, Fernanda Pardo, Tehmina Mina, Angela Mal, Sony Cabral, Erick Moreno, Rafael E. Peña Ortega, Alfred Ortiz, Freddy Bastone, Naveen Naqvi, Marcel Cartier, Carlos Azeban Ekwensu, Deyanira Genao, Felicia Bishop, Kazembe Balagun, Robert DaRosa, Tafadar Sourov, Davd Nspach, Dennis O'Neil and D'Opportunist Pierre Falbo.

Young Communist League

In 2005 Jose Garcia was a Turlock, California member[1]of the Young Communist League USA.

Last year I spent a few months in Cuba studying at the Universidad de La Habana. The most interesting and exciting moments were the May Day rally at Plaza Revolucion where I saw Fidel walk by only a few steps away from me. A few weeks later, I was reading the Cuban newspaper Granma and saw an article about the visit of Communist Party USA leaders Juan Lopez and Sam Webb to Cuba. At that time I thought to myself, how come the organization I was involved with at the time, that claimed to be Marxist-Leninist, did not support Cuba?
It was then that I realized I had been simply ranting about socialism but not working towards a socialist society. Upon my return to the US, I got in touch with the YCL, because it seemed like a community where I could further develop my Marxist-Leninist outlook on society. I look forward to being involved in the YCL both at the local and national level. And I am considering joining the Communist Party in the future.

CUNY Board of Trustees protest

Alice Feng organized a Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee protest at East 25th Street Monday 25 June 2012, 15:30 till Monday 25 June 2012, 15:30

NEW YORK CITY – CUNY students call for a protest picket on the afternoon of Monday, June 25 outside the regular meeting of the CUNY Board of Trustees, when the Board will give massive pay raises to CUNY administrators, including a quarter-million dollar pay raise (54%) to Chancellor Goldstein.
CUNY is denying admission to more and more Black and Latino students based on its so-called rising "academic standards," while Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business was recently caught fixing the grades of failing students who work for Wall Street firms. CUNY uses one set of "academic standards" to deny admission to working-class Black and Latino students and fudges another set of "academic standards" for Wall Street executives whose tuition is paid for by their firms. Despite these twin scandals, the paper-pushing non-producing parasites on the Board are planning to congratulate administrators with outrageous salary increases on June 25.
Join the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee on June 25 to protest against these outrages!

Those indicating their intention to attend on the Whenever website notice of the event included Jose Garcia. [2]

DSA-LSC Discussion & Debate Facebook group

Members of the DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus Discussion & Debate Facebook Closed Facebook Group, as of August 21, 2017 included Jose Garcia.[3]