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Martin Carnoy is a labor economist with a special interest in the relation between the economy and the educational system. Currently Dr. Carnoy is working on the research project on accountability in schools at the Center for Policy Research in Education, launching new projects on educational reform in Latin America; researching on vouchers in Chile, and writing a book for the International Institute of Educational Planning on Globalization and Educational Reform. He is the author of The Different Worlds of Urban and Suburban School Districts (with Jane Hannaway), Sustaining Flexibility: Work, Family, and Community in the Information Age, School Vouchers: Examining the Evidence, and other publications. Dr. Carnoy serves on the board of the Comparative and International Educational Society and is the Chair of the Social Studies & Educational Practice Committee at the Stanford School of Education.[1]


  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology (1960)
  • M.A., Economics, University of Chicago (1961)
  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Chicago (1964)

Back SPA

We would like to urge that students vote for the fee assessment for the Stanford Progressive Alliance (SPA) on April 15-16. SPA has been active since the fall of 1980 pulling together a large number of organizations on the campus and promoting their activities, as well as organizing workshops and educational meetings around the economic and social issues of concern to Stanford students.

For the first time in many years, faculty, students and staff were brought together in these discussions. In winter quarter these groups, through SPA and with the help of the Dickinson Symposium Fund and SCOPE, sponsored a series of symposia on issues crucial to the future of our society. We feel that these activities, bringing together students and the local community, should be supported by the student body, and we urge you to do so.

(This letter was signed by Martin Carnoy, Education; Charles Drekmeier, Political Science; Lise Giraud, Green Library; Raymond Giraud, French and Italian; Hal Holman, Medical Center; Mark Kelman, Law School; Henry Levin, Education; Mark Mancall, History; John Manley, Political Science; Hela Mody, Communication; Annamaria Napolitano, French and Italian; Michelle Rosaldo, An thropology; Don Woodward, Biology; Eric Wright, Law School.[[2]

"Economic Democracy"

Martin Carnoy was a co-author of "Economic Democracy" with Derek Shearer. At the time he was a member of Democratic Socialists of America.[3].

Chile Emergency Committee

A full-page ad appeared in the "New York Times", September 23, 1973, p. 9, by an organization calling itself Chile Emergency Committee, at 135 W. 4th Street, New York City, NY, 10012, Jane Rothenberg Secretary. It was definitely pro-Allende and anti-coup, but what is important is that the list of sponsors included the heart of the Latin American Lobby of communists, marxists, socialists, radicals and the Left in academia, and obviously took a lot of work to network in getting these people to sign on to the ad. This was no spur-of-the-moment effort though it was put together within a few weeks of the coup.

Stanford University signatories included Martin Carnoy.

Congressional run

In 1984 Carnoy ran for Congress against Ed Zschau.[4]

STAR help

With the 1984 U.S. presidential election only a month away, students at Stanford were intensifying the drive to recruit votes for their favorite candidates. Eric Diesel, head of Stanford Students for Mondale-Ferraro, said more than 500 Mondale supporters have signed up in the five days he has had a table out in White Plaza. "According to the national campaign office, that makes us the second largest student political partisan group in the country," Diesel said.

Keith Archuleta, resident fellow for Mirrielees and an active member of Students against Reaganism (STAR), said that STAR is supporting Stanford Students for Mondale-Ferraro, but that it is also devoting part of it efforts to supporting Martin Carnoy's challenge to Zschau. "The group was formed because students saw the need to deal with the move to the right in this country, what we have labeled 'Reaganism,' and this direction in society goes beyond this one presidential election," Archuleta said.

Archuleta said STAR has a core group of approximately 25 people but that nearly 60 people signed up at registration. "Most of our members are people that are involved in the Rainbow Coalition, women's groups, or thirdworld non-intervention groups, so it's a very broad coalition," Archuleta said. Archuleta said members of STAR will be going to dorms in order to register voters. STAR will also sponsor a rally tonight in Terman Auditorium which will feature officials from the Carnoy and Mondale campaigns.[5]


In 1993 Carnoy was listed as a among "former Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars and current TransNational Institute Fellows" on the Institute for Policy Studies 30th Anniversary brochure.


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