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Template:TOCnestleft Nse Ufot has dedicated her life and career working on various civil, human, and workers’ rights issues. As the Executive Director of the New Georgia Project, she is proud to lead the organization to its goal of strengthening the state's democracy by registering and engaging Georgia’s eligible, but unregistered African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans.

Prior to joining the New Georgia Project, Ms. Ufot worked as the Assistant Executive Director for the Canadian Association of University Teachers, Canada's largest faculty union. She also served as the Senior Lobbyist and Government Relations Officer for the American Association of University Professors. In this role, she coordinated initiatives for mobilizing members around legislation and regulations that impacted higher education and labor law.

Ms. Ufot, a proud naturalized citizen, was born in Nigeria and raised in Southwest Atlanta. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Dayton School of Law. Ms. Ufot is fluent in both French and English.[1]

"When We Organize We Win"

"When We Organize, We Win: Celebrating Progressive Wins in the First 100 Days"

100 days town hall graphic (8) (2).png

"Join the Progressive Caucus Action Fund (PCAF) for When We Organize, We Win: Celebrating Progressive Wins in the First 100 Days, a digital event celebrating some of the organizers and progressive leaders behind key policy wins from this Congress and Administration in its first 100 days. We'll hear from organizers, grassroots leaders and special guest members of Congress about what these changes mean for our families and what we're fighting for next."

"Road to Black November"

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October 30, 2020 Gicola Lane, Nse Ufot, Jamecia Gray, Arnetia Fogg Dupree, Tishaura Jones, Elle Hill

Black Futures in Politics


Black to the Future Action Fund, 2020 Alicia Garza Black to the Future, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Latosha Brown Black Votes Matter, Rashad Robinson Color of Change, Angela Rye Impact Strategies, Glynda Carr Higher Heights, Derrick Johnson NAACP, Nse Ufot New Georgia Project, Michael Harriot The Root.com.

"My Village Votes"

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With Nse Ufot, Gary Chambers, Chelsea Hall, Rashan Ali.

Reclaiming Our Victories


Detroit Action was live. November 4 2020.

Battleground: Reclaiming Our Victories.

Organizations that have been organizing and let the Get Out The Vote in different battleground states come together to share about the powerful transformation in their states.

This Is Not A Drill LIVE, May 20


This Is Not A Drill LIVE, May 20 2020.

Organizing Upgrade was live.

Jessica Cisneros, Nse Ufot, Robert Peters, and Harmony Goldberg in conversation about how to engage the Dem Party after Bernie, whether the Dems are in crisis, and how best to beat the right.

Introduceed by Adam Gold and Rishi Awatramani.



She the People WE GOT US: MARCH 16, 2020


"A letter from the movement to the movement'

In September 2019 Nse Ufot was one of 100 black leaders, many affiliated with Liberation Road who signed A letter from the movement to the movement defending Maurice Moe Mitchell and Nelini Stamp of the Working Families Party for endorsing Elizabeth Warren instead of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

She the People 2018 Summit

She the People's three-year initiative kicked off with its inaugural She the People Summit on September 20, 2018 at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. The sold-out, first-ever national summit of women of color in politics drew nearly 600 attendees, mostly women of color, from 36 states.

Speakers included Nse Ufot.