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Robert Peters

This Is Not A Drill LIVE, May 20


This Is Not A Drill LIVE, May 20 2020.

Organizing Upgrade was live.

Jessica Cisneros, Nse Ufot, Robert Peters, and Harmony Goldberg in conversation about how to engage the Dem Party after Bernie, whether the Dems are in crisis, and how best to beat the right.

Introduceed by Adam Gold and Rishi Awatramani.

The People's Lobby

According to Will Tanzman, Robert Peters served as Political Director for The People's Lobby and Reclaim Chicago, where he fought as an organizer to end money bail and trained left candidates for Chicago City Council and other offices, work that helped lay the groundwork for the Marie Newman and Kim Foxx wins. In January 2019 he was appointed to an Illinois Senate vacancy, where he championed bail reform. This year, he had to run for his Senate seat, so he launched a movement-oriented campaign. He shared his story of being born to a mother suffering from substance use disorder in the years when the “war on drugs” was escalating, and talked about the fact that schools in the district all have police officers but few have social workers. He and his team had real conversations with thousands of voters about the kinds of public services that would be needed to create safe and healthy neighborhoods. Voters overwhelmingly agreed that 40+ years of “tough on crime” policing and mass incarceration have not made them safe, but have led to millions of Black and Latinx people being locked up. He won a contested primary election this week and will run unopposed in the general election.[1]