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The New Georgia Project registers, engages, and advocates for Georgia's voters.

The New Georgia Project has been on the ground for years registering and educating voters — especially people of color, women of color and white women — and talking to ordinary people about values and issues that matter in their lives, such as child care. Stacey Abrams founded the New Georgia Project with a massive voter registration campaign back in 2014. [1]

Susan Sandler Fund

An initial round of awards announced by the Susan Sandler Fund includes grants to the Asian American & Pacific Islander Civic Engagement Fund, Advance Native Political Leadership, the Arizona Center for Empowerment, State Power Caucus, the New Georgia Project, the New Florida Majority Education Fund, the New Virginia Majority Education Fund, PICO California, and the Texas Organizing Project.

"[T]he investments are not so much targeted to battleground states but looking at the landscape of racism and demographic change," Chang told the New York Times. "This fund really underscores what's left out of many philanthropic discussions....This concept of being accountable to real people with real problems, that is what catalyzes change, it's what generates urgency and creativity. And so that's why we're focused on increasing the power and influence of those who bear the brunt of racism."[2]

Seed the Vote/2022 Midterms

Axccording to Larry Hendel:

When Seed the Vote formed in 2019, it was an experiment. No plans were made to maintain the organization after the presidential election. But last year they decided to keep the organization going at least through the midterms. Over the last year when the punditocracy was pronouncing that Democrats were destined to lose both the House and the Senate, STV rose to the challenge and started gearing up for the elections in battleground states. Part of the strength of this group is their perseverance and willingness to jump into the work.

UNITE HERE and STV are working together now in Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Additionally, STV is working again with LUCHA in Arizona; People's Action in Wisconsin; Pennsylvania Stands Up in Pennsylvania; New Georgia Project and the Asian American Advocacy Fund in Georgia ;and Durham for All in North Carolina. All these groups are based in communities of color and do year round community organizing as well as election work.[3]

Reclaiming Our Victories


Detroit Action was live. November 4 2020.

Battleground: Reclaiming Our Victories.

Organizations that have been organizing and let the Get Out The Vote in different battleground states come together to share about the powerful transformation in their states.


Communist Party help

John Bachtell October 20, 2018 ·


Getting the vote out! — in Riverdale, Georgia.

Defended Voting Rights in Ohio and Georgia

In 2014 PowerPAC+ partnered with national and local groups Color of Change, Campaign for America's Future, the New Georgia Project and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus.

We took the fight to protect voting rights from Ohio to Georgia. And thousands of you nationally signed petitions, donated money, and spread the word about our work to make sure we protect the rights of every voter.[5]

Leftist alliance for Stacey

The collaboration between the Working Families Party and New Georgia Project in Georgia, the leadership in sectors of Stacey Abrams’ campaign by people out of Movement for Black Lives' The Electoral Justice Project, the fact that the National Domestic Workers Alliance deployed the largest independent field operation in that state – all this energized young voters, re-energized veterans of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and strengthened the emerging Black-Latino alliance, laying the basis for future wins if Stacey Abrams doesn’t pull it out this time..[6]

New Georgia Project Action Fund

Eric Robertson October 9:


Kicking off canvassing in Norcross! — with Michelle Sanchez at New Georgia Project Action Fund Norcross Office.


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