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Eric Vega

Template:TOCnestleft Eric Vega is a Lecturer in Ethnic Studies, Sacramento State University, California.

DSA member

Eric Vega, Sacramento DSA, elected to the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee[1], at the November 1997 DSA National Convention in Columbus Ohio.

Eric Vega was chair of the Democratic Socialists of America Latino Commission in the mid 1990s. Eric Vega was elected to the DSA's National political committee PC by the 1995 convention. At the time he was an instructor of Ethnic Studies at CSU-Sacramento and was the former Executive Director of the Sacramento Human Rights/Fair Housing Commission.

Eric Vega was the Chair and primary organizer of the Sacramento Civil Rights Network, and Chair of the California Civil Rights Conference. He was a state policy advocate for MALDEF, The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. He holds a BA and a Doctor of Jurisprudence[2].

Eric joined DSA after extensive experience with other left formations. In 1994, while a DSA member, he served as Chair of the Sacramento effort to defeat Prop.187. Eric served as a leader in focusing the Latino Commission's efforts on the Prop. 187 and anti CCRI efforts.

1995 DSA leadership

In 1995 the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee consisted of ;[3]

DSA 1997-1999 leadership

DSA National Political Committee elected at the Columbus, Ohio, 1997 National Convention.[4]

Youth Section Representatives:

1995 DSA Youth Conference


In August 1995 Adolph Reed, Ginny Coughlin, Joanne Landy, Jeremy Smith, Stephen Coats, Paul Rogat Loeb, Lauren Berlant, Joseph Schwartz, Shakoor Aljuwani, Ron Aronson and Eric Vega, spoke at the Democratic Socialists of America Youth Section conference in Chicago.[5]

Anti CCRI campaign

In 1996 DSA activists in California were deeply involved in the unsuccessful struggle to defeat Proposition 209, the California Civil Rights initiative, which sought to ban "affirmative action". At DSA's 1995 National Convention, the organization made opposition to CCRI a "major focus for our Activist Agenda".

DSA mounted a major statewide effort to help defeat 209 in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The financial support from many California DSAers "allowed us to hire staff to coordinate this effort. For example, in Los Angeles, DSA played a major role in the Metropolitan Alliance, a broad multi-racial coalition of organizations. We coordinated the precinct based activities for the Alliance in the West LA, Santa Monica and Venice areas."

DSA's campaign in California was coordinated by Duane Campbell of the And Racism Commission. In Los Angeles the key activists were staff person Tim Parks, along with Liz Ryder, also of the Anti Racism Commission. In Sacramento the chair of the local Sacramento Civil Rights Network effort against 209 was Eric Vega of the Latino Commission.

DSA produced bilingual literature tied the two campaigns together asking for a vote against 209, and a vote for 210 the Livable Wage Initiative. In addition to our own work, DSA literature was distributed widely by UNITE and several African American organizations.[6]

Socialists Urge End of Fragmentation


96-06-26 an email was sent from David McReynolds and several other socialists, headed "Socialists Urge End of Fragmentation"

The following open letter has been sent to the organizations listed below.
The letter was drafted by Ethan Young, who has been connected with Crossroads, in consultation with a number of concerned individuals in all of the groups listed.
David McReynolds, member, Socialist Party USA, New York City, June 26, 1996

To: The National Convention of the Committees of Correspondence

As members of the groups listed above, we have joined together out of concern for the future of the organized socialist left. We have two concrete proposals that are being submitted to all of our groups simultaneously, so that they might be discussed and, if accepted, acted on as soon as possible.
1. We propose that joint regional meetings of our six groups be organized for members and invited individuals, as outlined in the June 1996 issue of CROSSROADS.
2. We propose that organizing begin immediately for a national conference of socialist youth in Fall 1997, initiated by the youth members and affiliates of the six groups, but open to co-sponsorship by other agreed-upon groups and individuals.

"Socialist Forum"

In 1999 a Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee editorial committee consisting of Rachel Dewey, Joseph Schwartz and Eric Vega were assigned to select articles for publication that are representative of the range of views in the organization in the re-launched Socialist Forum.[7]

Anti-racism Commission

In 2000 Duane Campbell and Eric Vega were contacts for the Democratic Socialists of America Anti-racism Commission[8]

DSA Latino Commission

In 1995 Duane Campbell taught at California State University at Sacramento and was Secretary of the DSA Latino Commission. Eric Vega, an attorney in Sacramento, was Co-Chair of the DSA Latino Commission.[9]

In 2002 Eric Vega and Dolores Delgado Campbell, both from the Sacramento local were co-chairs of the Democratic Socialists of America Latino Commission.[10]

Freedom Bound Center

The Freedom Bound Center was formed in the mid-1990s by Carl Pinkston and Eric Vega, another progressive Sacramento activist. “He was much more the hands-on person,” said Vega.

The organization’s mission is to “promote democratic participation, empower economically and socially disadvantaged communities, and improve the health of at-risk communities by providing theoretical education and hands-on organizing experience to community activists, especially young people of color.[11].”

Sacramento DSA

Circa 2000 Local officers of Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America included;

Chair : Duane Campbell, Treasurer: Edwina White, Membership Chair, Sharon Alexander, Exec. Committee: Eric Vega, Angel Picon, Dolores Delgado Campbell and "other fine people"[12].

DSA committee

The 2003 convention committed DSA to a thorough discussion and rethinking of organizational basics, including the "development of a strategic plan, refinement of a mission statement, and discussion of Socialist Vision".

This continues the process initiated at a weekend retreat in July 2001, . Duane Campbell of Sacramento headed the organizing committee, and Susan Chacin from the East Bay was also a member. Other Californians present were Ross Boylan (SF), Delores Delgado Campbell (Sacramento), Virginia Franco (San Diego), Karl Knobler (East Bay), Maria Pineda (Davis), Michele Rossi (East Bay), Herb Shore (San Diego), and Eric Vega (San Diego)[13].

Progressive Forum 2008

Sacramento Progressive Alliance's Progressive Forum 2008, was held Forrest Suite: University Union. CSU –Sacramento Oct.9 , 2008.

Join us for a dialogue on current issues facing the progressive movements and their allies in our region. The Progressive Forum seeks to bring together scholars, students, social justice and union activists, and policy makers to nurture a new kind of conversation from within the campus and the social movements.

10:30 AM Organizing Round table