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National Committee for Independent Political Action, roots

Founded in 1984, the National Committee for Independent Political Action NCIPA was an effort by various communists, marxists, socialists and left-liberals to form a new marxist political action party following the failures of the People's Party PP of Benjamin Spock and Barry Commoner in the 1970s, the marxist amalgam from the ruins of SDS, the New American Movement NAM, and the Black Independent Political Party. The founding conference, held in Washington, D.C., was dominated by old Communist Party USA reds who had left, specifically Dorothy Healey and Arthur Kinoy, the latter never having been publicly identified in congressional hearings as a Party member, but whose presence as a leading attorney in the appeals for the Rosenberg spy case convictions left no doubt that he was a trusted Party attorney (see: Congressional Record (CR), May 13, 1975, pages Extension of Remarks, E14158-E14159; May 16, 1975, E14906-E14908; and June 2, 1975, pages E16573-16575 (Hein Online pagination which may be different than that of the Cong. Rec.) for articles entitled "Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Arthur Kinoy Thought: The NIC, Part I; Part II; Part III.

In fact, the NCIPA was essentially a direct descendant of several earlier Kinoy projects described in the Congressional Record 3-Part series about Kinoy's effort to create a new, mass-based Marxist movement/party. These predecessors included the National Interim Committee for a Mass Party of the People (NICMPP00 or (NIC), whose organizational leaders included:

"The National Interim Committee for a Mass Party of the People for nearly 2 years has been developing the structure to form a new Marxist-Leninist revolutionary party which while openly accepting the eventual "necessity" of "armed struggle" in America, also hopes to organize large numbers of less committed leftists." (p. E14158, May 13, 1975, C.R).

"The NIC was developed during the summer and fall of 1973 by Arthur Kinoy, then serving yet another term as vice-president of the National Lawyers Guild - NLG - an identified Communist front organization which has recruited large numbers of new left lawyers and law students since 1969."

Founding Conference of the NCIPA

NCIPA Newsletter

The Sept.-Oct. 1984 "NCIPA Newsletter," Vol. 1, #3, featured the organization's goals in a page 1 column entitled "Reagan Must Go/Build the Independent Movement!" Reproduced below is this column in its entirety because it spelled out their goal of creating an independent political movement/organization that would lead the "independent movement", which they hoped to head.

"The National Committee for Independent Political Action was founded a little more than six months ago. At that time there had not yet been any Democratic Party primaries. Rev. Jesse Jackson had not won the popular vote in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia and the District of Columbia. He had not yet won 60 Congressional districts and scores of major cities. 3-1/2 million people had not yet voted for him. The Rainbow Coalition was little more than an idea.."

"Yet today, two months before the crucial Nov. 6th elections, there is a very real likelihood that there WILL be a broad-based, multi-racial, national Rainbow coalition emerging out of the Jackson campaign. This, we believe, is without question the most important development in many, many years in this country. It deserves the active support of all of us."

"But we can't sit back and wait for the Rainbow Coalition to happen. There are some pressing tasks before us. First and foremost is the responsibility we all have to DO ALL WE CAN TO DEFEAT RONALD REAGAN AND THE REAGANITES IN CONGRESS."

  • - "Our Concrete Tasks"

"The NCIPA National Steering Committee believes that this means several things."

"It means active involvement in and stepping up the work of voter registration and education. We need a massive turnout this fall of low-income and progressive people who will vote in an informed way."

[KW: Note that 26 years later, Pres. Obama and the Democrat Party would blame their massive losses in the November, 2010 congressional elections on "uninformed" voters, despite the access of the electorate to television, cable television, the print media, radio talk shows, and the internet}.

"It means helping to build and participating in public, visible demonstrations that are pro-peace, pro-justice and anti-Reagan. We need to support the initiatives taken by groups like Mobilization for Survival, CISPES and the National Freeze Campaign to organize mass demonstrations this Sept. and Oct."

"It means supporting key local campaigns, like Duane Jager in Columbus, O. Darrell Ringer in western Ks. and Johnnie Walls in Mississippi. These are genuine people's candidates, people who come out of and are responsive to the grass-roots movements that are the essential foundation of our growing independent movement."

  • - "Vote for Mondale/Ferraro"

"And it means telling people to vote for Mondale/Ferraro. We say this with no enthusiasm and with no illusions. The establishment Democrats Mondale represents cannot and will not solve this country's serious problems. The Democratic Party program adopted at San Francisco is a conservative, mushy program that panders to Reagan/Republican ideology. yet, despite these realities, the fact remains that there is only one way to get Reagan out, and that is to vote for Mondale/Ferraro."

"Reagan must go. Reagan represents the most right-wing, anti-people, chauvinistic elements of the ruling elite and of the society as a whole. Their program, if implemented, would probably lead to the nuclear devastation of the earth. Even if that did not happen, tens of millions of people in the U.S. and around the world would suffer unnecessarily because of their economic policies of enriching the already rich and impoverishing the already poor, while driving many more families into poverty. Civil and human rights would be undermined even further. The attacks on the labor movement and the rights of workers would relentlessly continue. War in Central America is almost a certainty, and possibly elsewhere. For all these reasons and more, we believe that we should work to elect the Mondale/Ferraro ticket."

"Then, on Nov. 7th, we need to begin developing our strategies for how we can force through the kinds of changes our peoples and people around the world need. This will involve active organizing against the same people the Jackson campaign had to fight during the primaries and at San Francisco. it will involve the building and strengthening of NCIPA and our local independent organizations. It will involve the building and strengthening of the Rainbow Coalition."

"Of course, if we are not successful and Reagan is elected, we will REALLY need to build up our independent organizations."

  • - "The Independent Movement is the Key"

"No matter what the regular Democrats do this fall, no matter who wins in November, the key to forward progress in this country is in OUR hands. Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties can be counted upon. The independent movement needs to act this fall as if our survival depends upon the best effort we can possibly make, because it probably does."

Articles in this issue and their authors

  • - "Register! Demonstrate! Defeat Reagan"

This unsigned article talked about a planned nationwide protest centered on the theme of "the greatest popular voter registration and get-out-the-vote mobilization in American history", led by the Oct. 4 Mobilization, c/0 Human SERVE Fund, 622 W. 113th St., New York, NY, 10025, 212-280-8730 or 8727.

The Boston demonstration will take place on Sept. 22, 1984, led by the Vote No to War Coalition 617-492-8699. Speakers include:

  • Mel King - a local Boston marxist politician and national organizer for marxist causes. One of the more articulate leaders of the black radicals movement.
  • Vermont Mayor Bernie Sanders
  • Grace Paley - a veteran supporter of communist fronts and causes

The Chicago demonstration, led by "140 sponsoring organizations", will be held on Oct. 13th. Committed speakers include:

"Divided Democrats All Oppose Reagan", written by, and reprinted from the July 28th issue of "All Chicago City News", published by Justice Graphics, Inc., 1222 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, Ill., 60640:

"One Person, One Cote: Reactions to San Francisco", written by and delivered as a speech before the Econchanti Toastmasters Club, Montgomery, Alabama on Aug. 9, 1984:

"Blacks on the Move in Mississippi", written by:

"Winning on the People's Terms", written by:

"Darrell Ringer for Congress" - no signed writer

"People's Convention in Oakland", written by:

Described the August, 1984 People's Convention in Oakland, California which was sponsored by, among others:

Speakers included:

Letters and Letterheads of NCIPA Over Time

Specific Lists of NCIPA Leaders, Members and Supporters

Fundraising Letter of January 2, 1989:

Co-Chairs of NCIPA:

Excerpts from Winter NCIPA Discussion Bulletin: From "A Draft Working Paper for NCIPA" by the NCIPA Executive Committee

"NCIPA is at a turning point in its evolution and development. Since our founding in 1984, we have made a number of contributions to the struggle for fundamental change in the United States. But developments and changes in the National Rainbow Coalition and elsewhere in the U.S. political scene require new assessments and policies, as well as the tactical and organizational changes that flow from them..." And:

"At the same time we should recognize that there is need for a stronger, multi-racial left presence in the country independent of the Democratic Party. . .We need to take the initiative to reach out to other independent organizations and individuals to determine, together, how we can most effectively build the people's movements and the strength of the non-sectarian, multi-racial, U.S. left."

From "Jesse Jackson, The Rainbow Coalition and the Future of the Progressive Movement" by Ron Daniels

From "The Second NCIPA Visit to Cuba by Lawrence H. Shoup

From "The Pittston Strike" by an active coal miner (Focused on "Class Struggle as a strategy, and as applied by Richard Trumka)

NCIPA Letter May 12, 1989

A NCIPA letter announcing a "national workshop on combating racism" to be held in Washington, D.C. on June 3-4, 1989. It said: "Enclosed is a document that has been prepared by our Commission on Combating Racism as a part of the preparation process for this meeting. It lays out a basic preference to help us get a better handle on how NCIPAcan begin to take up anti-racist work in a systematic and on-going way."

This document was entitled "American Racism and What to do About the System; The Racist Cultural Ensemble in Class Society." Its first paragraph set the tone for the rest of the document while the third paragraph laid out NCIPA's marxist views on American society and the "capitalist system." They said, respectively:

"Racism in the United States pervades every aspect of individual and social existence. It is an integral part of the cultural ensemble; it is functional in all of the institutions that comprise the social system. In areas that are social, economic, political, educational, governmental, and recreational, racism operates as a pervasive determinant in shaping individual and social behavior."

"Side by side with the development of racism was the growth and development of class society, a classification based on ownership and control of social wealth by a dominant and ruling class. From the early landed and merchant aristocracy to the present financial capitalists, a tiny group emerged and grew in its ownership and control over all aspects of social existence. The American ruling class imprinted its values and interests into the social fabric of the United States. From the inception of the United States, the rulers, the founding fathers and landed gentry, implanted racism among the masses of people thereby dividing them along racial lines. This division served the purpose of creating and developing a capitalist system goaded by the necessity for the realization of profit, a realization of economic exploitation -- the theft of human labor in the form of chattel or wage slavery for the accumulation of surplus value."

{This sounds like it was taken verbatim from Karl Marx and his book "Das Kapital" and some of Frederick Engel's works.)

The only additional information to be added for the above names of the "Co-Chairs" is as follows"

1993 NCIPA National Steering Committee

As of Spring 1993;


Socialists Urge End of Fragmentation


96-06-26 an email was sent from David McReynolds and several other socialists, headed "Socialists Urge End of Fragmentation"

The following open letter has been sent to the organizations listed below.
The letter was drafted by Ethan Young, who has been connected with Crossroads, in consultation with a number of concerned individuals in all of the groups listed.
David McReynolds, member, Socialist Party USA, New York City, June 26, 1996

To: The National Convention of the Committees of Correspondence

As members of the groups listed above, we have joined together out of concern for the future of the organized socialist left. We have two concrete proposals that are being submitted to all of our groups simultaneously, so that they might be discussed and, if accepted, acted on as soon as possible.
1. We propose that joint regional meetings of our six groups be organized for members and invited individuals, as outlined in the June 1996 issue of CROSSROADS.
2. We propose that organizing begin immediately for a national conference of socialist youth in Fall 1997, initiated by the youth members and affiliates of the six groups, but open to co-sponsorship by other agreed-upon groups and individuals.