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Joanne Landy

Template:TOCnestleft Joanne Landy is the former Executive Director of the New York Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program and a member of the New Politics editorial board[1].

Joanne Landy, is in her late 60s, born in Chicago and lives in New York. She is Co-Director with Tom Harrison of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and a member of the editorial board of New Politics magazine[2].

She is a left socialist, and believes that the goals of democracy and socialism are deeply intertwined. She is interested in internal radical transformation of my own country, and in promoting a new, democratic, peaceful and socially just U.S. foreign policy.

International Socialists

Intellectual heavies of the International Socialists, were people like Kim Moody, Mike Parker, Joel Geier, Sy Landy and Joanne Landy.[3]

Socialist roots

Joanne Landy has been active in democratic socialist organizations since the 1950s. She is Co-Director with Thomas Harrison of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, and a member of Democratic Socialists of America.

According to Harrison;

Joanne and I were both part of this group in Berkeley, the Independent Socialist Club, in the 1960s. When I came on the scene in 1966, we were very soon heavily involved in defending left-wing oppositionists Jacek Kuron and Karol Modzelewski in Poland.

Joanne Landy: Both of us were “third camp socialists,” which meant we were for neither Washington nor Moscow, neither capitalist imperialism nor the oppressive Communist systems in Eastern Europe. And because I’m older than Tom, I also started doing this many years before Tom did—in the late 1950s actually. Then, in 1980, two things simultaneously burst upon the scene: the Western peace movement against the missiles in Western Europe and Solidarnosc in Poland.

We were excited about both of those things. We participated, of course, in the big peace march in Central Park in 1982. And as soon as we heard about Solidarnosc, we got together a bunch of people to build support for them among progressives in the United States, and I went over there, to Poland. It was quite a trip.
A group of us here in New York founded something that initially was called Solidarity with Solidarity. And then Gail Daneker, who did not come from a socialist tradition, but from some kind of non-socialist Green tradition, really taught me a lot about how to form an organization: how to get tax-exempt contributions, how to put together a board, how to go to foundations.

I’d always been in small socialist groups that were pretty effective, like the Independent Socialist Club with Hal Draper in Berkeley, but which didn’t organize in the non-profit world. Pretty soon we set up the Campaign for Peace and Democracy/ East and West. And when the Cold War ended, we just dropped the “East and West”.[4]

Left Forum Advisory Board

In 2009 the Left Forum Advisory Board included Gilbert Achcar, Tariq Ali, Ashanti Alston, Anthony Arnove, Robin Blackburn, Barbara Bowen, Jack Bratich, Rose Brewer, Renate Bridenthal, Michael Brie, Stephen Brier, Stephen Eric Bronner, Paul Buhle, Joseph Buttigieg, Luciana Castellina, Angela Dillard, Stephen Duncombe, Hester Eisenstein, Barbara Epstein, Deepa Fernandes, Hector Figueroa, Harriet Fraad, Josh Freeman, Barbara Garson, Heather Gautney, Marvin Gettleman, Arun Gupta, Jack Hammond, David Harvey, Gerald Horne, Boris Kagarlitsky, Robin D. G. Kelley, Christine A. Kelly, Peter Kwong, Joanne Landy, Jesse Lemisch, Michael Lowy, Nivedita Majumdar, Manning Marable, Randy Martin, Liz Mestres, Susan O'Malley, Cathy Mulder, Leo Panitch, Christian Parenti, Thomas Ponniah, Barbara Ransby, Michael Ratner, Jan Rehmann, Gerardo Renique, Rainer Rilling, Colin Robinson, Nan Rubin, Roger Salerno, Stephen R. Shalom, Neil Smith, Richard Smith, Meredith Tax, Eleni Varikas, Victor Wallis, Joseph Wilson.[5]

Opposing loans to Chile

In 1987, Joanne Landy, Thomas Harrison and Gail Daneker, Directors, Campaign for Peace and Democracy/East and West, New York, circulated a statement Against Loans to Chile calling upon the Reagan Administration to oppose all loans to Chile.

It has been signed by leading "peace, labor, human rights, religious and cultural figures from the United States, Western Europe and Latin America." They were "joined by a large number of activists and writers from the USSR and Eastern Europe, many of whom have been persecuted in their own countries for work in independent peace and human rights movements."

The majority of signatories were affiliated with Democratic Socialists of America.[6]

Socialist Scholars Conference 1990

The Socialist Scholars Conference 1990, held September 6-8, at the Hotel Commodore, New York, included panels such as:[7]

Democratic Movements in Post-Communists Societies

DSA member

In 1990, Joanne Landy was a member of Democratic Socialists of America[8].


Joanne Landy is Co-Director of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, and a member of the New Politics editorial board[9]and Democratic Socialists of America.

Back in the early Reagan years[10];

DSA member Joanne Landy and others founded the Campaign for Peace and Democracy East and West. It was a kind of mutual support network for pro-democracy oppositionists in both the U.S. and Soviet blocs, uniting progressive peace activists across cold war boundaries without supporting the anti-democratic or imperial policies of either “side”. CPDEW is now just the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, but they’re still active as a small, NY-based human rights group.

1995 DSA Youth Conference


In August 1995 Adolph Reed, Ginny Coughlin, Joanne Landy, Jeremy Smith, Stephen Coats, Paul Rogat Loeb, Lauren Berlant, Joseph Schwartz, Shakoor Aljuwani, Ron Aronson and Eric Vega, spoke at the Democratic Socialists of America Youth Section conference in Chicago.[11]

Single payer advocate

In 2005 Landy wrote[12]a pamphlet for Physicians for a National Health Plan, “Why Labor Needs Improved and Expanded Medicare for All”. PNHP is a national organization of 14,000 doctors advocating single-payer national health insurance. The pamphlet is focused on mobilizing union support for U.S. Representative John Conyer’s. National Health Insurance Act (HR 676).

In 2006, DSA member Joanne Landy wrote a new pamphlet for Physicians for a National Health Plan-designed to moblize union support for the John Conyers National Insurance Act (HR 676)[13].

In 2008, Joanne Landy and Oliver Fein wrote, "We Can Do It! The Case for Single Payer National Health Insurance" a chapter in a forthcoming book Ten Excellent Reasons for National Health Insurance, eds., Mary E. O'Brien, M.D. and Martha Livingston, Ph.D. (New Press)[14].

The time has come for single payer National Health Insurance in the United States. We have excellent hospitals, skilled practitioners, the technological infrastructure -- and we're already spending enough money to insure everyone and to improve access to care for many who are covered today by inadequate plans. All we need is the political will.

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 Joanne Landy of Campaign for Peace & Democracy, New York signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[15]

Fasting against “Star Wars”

In 2008, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space promoted a June 22 “Global day of fasting to Stop Star Wars”.

The global day of fasting to Stop Star Wars on June 22 is one important way for the public to become involved in this debate. All over the world the U.S. is dragging the "allies" into Star Wars and active resistance to the insanity of an arms race in space is growing.

Included on the “fast’ list was Joanne Landy of New York, New York.[16]

Independent Progressive Politics Network

In 2009 Joanne Landy served on the Advisory Committee of the Independent Progressive Politics Network[17].

New Politics

As of 2009 Joanne Landy served on the Editorial Board of New Politics, magazine almost completely staffed and run by members of Democratic Socialists of America[18].