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Daragh O'Neill aka Joe Neill was a leader of the Young Communist League of Britain. Son of Mark O'Neill. Brother of Cormac O'Neill.



Daragh O'Neill was NW YCL and co-founder Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise.

CPB school


May 2018 John Hendy with Alex Gordon, Tony Conway, Rhys McCarthy, Ann Field, Pierre Marshall, Elly Baker Daragh O'Neill.

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch public Facebook page members include Daragh O'Neill.

2016 Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise seminar


2016 seminar with Daragh O'Neill and John McDonnell.



Ellis Cuzak, Daragh O'Neill and Joe Slow were involved with the Yorkshire Young Communist League.


Daragh O'Neill supports the Greater Manchester Young Communist League.


YCL 2015 leadership

The Young Communist League of Britain’s new Executive Committee met for the first time over the weekend since the last Congress. Elected to the EC in December at our 47th Congress in January 15 were Laura-Jane Rossington, Julian Jones, Ryan Boyle, Robin Talbot, Calum Baird, Daragh O'Neill, Johnnie Hunter, Daoud Hamdani, Owain Holland and Zoe Hennessy.

The Executive met in the Communist Party of Britain’s Glasgow Office on Saturday. Zoe Hennessy was elected as General Secretary, Owain Holland as Chair and Julian Jones was elected as Treasurer of the YCL.

Comrades assumed the following roles as officers on the Executive Committee: Laura-Jane Rossington was elected as Women’s Officer, Daragh O'Neill as Student Officer, Ryan Boyle as Industrial Officer, Calum Baird as Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer, Owain Holland as Marxist-Leninist Education Officer, Robin Talbot as Communications Officer, Johnnie Hunter as Challenge Editor and Julian Jones as International Secretary.[1]