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The Red Caucus is a communist grouping inside Portland Democratic Socialists of America, formed in mid 2019.


Signatories to the Red Caucus founding statement were:


Red Caucus Happy Hour

Red Caucus Happy Hour Public · Hosted by Red Caucus and Portland Democratic Socialists of America

Friday, June 21, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 9 PM PDT

Landmark Saloon 4847 SE Division St, Portland, Oregon 97206

Come socialize with other Marxists in Portland DSA and Portland in general! We'll be celebrating the launch of a new DSA caucus, Red Caucus.[1]


Invited on Facebook




Partisan assembles members from three caucuses in the Democratic Socialists of America: the Communist Caucus, the Red Caucus in Portland, Oregon, and Emerge Caucus in New York City, New York. Our aim is to establish a forum for communist discussion and organizing that unites us and others who share our vision for DSA. We share a belief that social change is only possible if the working class is organized and ready to make that change. Our vision for organizing centers the development of strong working-class institutions, an emphasis on the myriad facets of oppression under capitalism intertwined with class, and meaningful international solidarity and analysis.