Candy Herrera

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Candy Herrera

Candy Herrera aka Candy Ironworker is a member of the Washington Education Association union which led a series of successful educator strikes last summer, involved in the Hands Off Venezuela campaign.

Anti-imperialist Working Group Panel


Portland Democratic Socialists of America was live July 5 2020.

Tune in to our Anti-imperialist Working Group Panel on Police and State Violence!

As the uprising against policing and state violence surges across the US, join Portland DSA's anti-imperialist working group for an international panel, drawing connections between the violent institution of policing globally and its role in repressing popular movements, now and throughout history, in places including South Africa, Ireland, Palestine, the Philippines and more.

With Candy Herrera, Thato Masiangoako, Padraic MacCoitir, Onyesonyu Chatoyer

Red Caucus

The Red Caucus is a communist grouping inside Portland Democratic Socialists of America, formed in mid 2019.

Signatories to the Red Caucus founding statement included Candy Herrera Portland Democratic Socialists of America steering committee.

1ra Asamblea De Trabajadoras Del Hogar


Miami Workers Center June 28, 2016 circulated an ad for 1ra Asamblea De Trabajadoras Del Hogar;

If you clean houses or do you babysit in South Florida, it's time to learn about your rights! Sign up for free at the 1ra Asamblea De Trabajadoras Del Hogar-1st Domestic Workers Assembly in Miami next Saturday 23th of July

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