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GL Morrison

G. L. Morrison is chair of the Oregon Communist Party. She leads the Susan Wheeler Club in Portland.


Poet/writer (and woman of slashes, parentheses, ellipses and other mysteries) G.L. Morrison nests in Portland, Oregon. Over the last thirty years, she's feathered that nest with the contributor copies of hundreds of magazines, a dozen anthologies and a fistful of writing awards.[1]

Communist Party

G. L. Morrison was, in 2012, member of the Communist Party USA.[2]

Sam Webb visit

Back row Greg Rose, G. L. Morrison, Sam Webb, unknown, Front row Jillian Littell, Steve McAllister, Laura Snow, unknown

June 2012, National Communist Party USA Chairman, Sam Webb visited Portland, Oregon, where he met comrades from Eugene's John S. Reed Club, and Portland's Susan Wheeler Club.[3]



G. L. Morrison with John Bachtell and Kyle King.

National Party Building Conference

National Party Building Conference Hosted by Communist Party USA and People's World.

Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 12 PM – 6 PM EST

Join Communist Party activists and members in a national conference. You can register here https://tinyurl.com/ycdouk3y

The conference will take place November 11th to 12th to plan our work in the fight against the Trump Administration and its white supremacist ruling class backers. Find information here about how to participate. http://www.cpusa.org/2017-national-party-building-conference-resist-organize-vote-grow/

The conference will be streamed from Chicago to regional meetings in New Haven, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast, in the MIdwest or the South, you’ll be able to participate.[4]

According to the Facebook page for the event, those who attended included G. L. Morrison.