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Alyssa Pariah via Facebook

Alyssa Pariah is a self-described "trans-woman" and "organizer" with Socialist Alternative New York City.

Anti-Trump Protest

WARNNG -FOUL LANGUAGE: Alyssa Pariah leads an anti-Trump rally sponsored by Socialist Alternative

Alyssa Pariah led an anti-Trump rally in New York City in November 2016. She was quoted as saying:

"protesters are sending a message that they are disgusted that 'someone who is as openly racist, sexist, bigoted as Trump could possibly be the leader of our country.'
"The danger of right populism is that it comes with racism, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny,' Pariah said. 'We need to be here engaging in civil disobedience because we believe that struggle pushes people to more radical ideas.'"[1]

Portland DSA


DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus March 19 2019· A good anointed afternoon word from AfroSoc comrade and Portland DSA external cochair Alyssa Pariah May we all aspire to this level of clarity, humility and growth. 🖤🌹

National Gathering

The DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus National Gathering Planning Committee proposed a National gathering to take place June 7th-9th, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana at Loyola University.

The tentative planning committee was Bianca Cunningham NYC-DSA, Alyssa Pariah Portland-DSA, Kristian Hernandez NTX-DSA, Suzanne-Juliette Mobley New Orleans, Sumathy Kumar NYC-DSA, Maikiko JamesLA-DSA, Beth Huang -Boston-DSA, Marian Jones-NYC-DSA, Ashley Payne East Bay-DSA, Sasha Hammad-DSA national staff.[2]