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Juno Suarez is a member of Portland Democratic Socialists of America.

2020 NPC possible

The National Political Committee of DSA is accepting applications to replace two vacant spots on the NPC. They have chosen to fill these vacancies by appointment during the July 21-22 NPC meeting. We would like to offer a recommendation for one candidate in particular in order to help inform the NPC on their decision.

We believe that the best choice for one of these spots is Juno Suarez of Portland DSA. Juno is the Secretary of Portland DSA, with years of experience as a campus and electoral organizer. They were involved in drafting chapter bylaws and processes which have helped the chapter grow from 20 members in 2016 to over 800 today, and formed the chapter’s Accessibility Working Group. Most recently, Juno was involved in Occupy ICE PDX and Portland’s Summer Day School. Juno is a queer, nonbinary Puerto Rican and member of the DSA Boricua Socialist Caucus. As a Marxist in the tradition of anti-colonial thinkers like Frantz Fanon and Angela Davis, Juno is committed to ending US imperialism and militarism.

Within their local chapter Juno has displayed excellent organizational skills, leadership, and compassion that would be of great benefit to the NPC. Portland DSA is thriving thanks in large part to Juno’s expertise and hard work. The undersigned strongly recommend Juno Suárez for NPC.

In solidarity,

  • Portland DSA Steering Committee
  • DSA Boricua Socialist Caucus
  • Oklahoma City DSA[1]

Red Caucus

The Red Caucus is a communist grouping inside Portland Democratic Socialists of America, formed in mid 2019.

Signatories to the Red Caucus founding statement included Juno Suarez Portland Democratic Socialists of America.