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Kai Newkirk is Mission Director at Democracy Spring. In a relationship with Erika Andiola. Son of Cheryl Mansley and Craig Colin Newkirk.


  • Studied Social Movements & Social Change at Hampshire College
  • Went to Ashland High School
  • Went to St. Andrew's School

Campaigning for Sinema


Kai Newkirk and Erika Andiola campaigning for Kyrsten Sinema and David Garcia November 2018.


Badasses of the revolution


Andrea Perez October 19, 2016 ·

...Me & Some badasses of the revolution

Last Sunday we hosted our first Democracy Spring South Florida training & I wanted to take a moment to thank the awesome National DS team for coming to Miami and making it extra especial, Kai, Justin & Sarah ❤ you b a d a s s e s are an inspiration, I am beyond thankful.

... See More — with Tomas Kennedy, Kai Newkirk, Maria-Victoria Ramirez, Sarah D'Agostino, Ernesto Medina, Dawn Grayson, Pj Espinal and Justin Jacoby Smith in Miami, Florida.

Flake action

Erika Andiola October 5 2018:

These incredible SHEroes have been released this morning from 4rd Ave. jail in Phoenix after spending a whole day in there. They were arrested yesterday at Senator Jeff Flake's office demanding a NO vote on Kavanaugh.


LaDawn Stuben, Judith Danvers, Natacha Chavez, and Brianna Westbrook, thank you so much for your incredible sacrifice and sharing your stories as survivors. We will continue to push Flake until the end!

Patti Serrano, Dan O'Neal and Kai Newkirk❤️, thank you so much for your leadership on this action. You are incredible organizers (especially my partner in crime who always inspires me). — with Brianna Westbrook, Dan O'Neal and Len Clark.