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Behrooz Navaii was a Los Angeles activist. He died in 2015. A "good friend nd comrade to Red Guards - Los Angeles".

Anti-Petraeus demo

2 W 64th St,New York 29 October 2014, 17:30 -19:30.

Organized by : Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee.

Last year students were suspended, a community center was illegally shut down and the City College campus turned into a police-run campus in order to suppress the movement led by CUNY students and faculty to drive ROTC and War Criminal David Petraeus out of our university. Now the Macaulay Honors College is inviting him to speak. Let's be there to let Petraeus know that CUNY rejects imperialism and its war criminals!

Many students an others indicated they would attend on the Whenever page advertising the event. They included Sharmin Hossain, Angie De LaGhetto, Nerdeen Kiswani, Zeina Alturk, Mila Lebron, Avia Michelle, Monique Thompson, Dalilah Freeman, Meli LaSalle, Coche Bomba, Shohag Ahmed, Donnie Donilon, Hasan İncedere, Michael Bellamy, Katrina Cortes, Sabin Rene Figaro, Thalmann Pradeep Pereira, Myles Glynn, Daniela Robles Martínez, Ayumila Hilai, Khalil Antonio Vasquez, Jeff Camp, Ateo Laureano Bracero Peruyero, Erick Moreno, Scott Williams, Bernadette Ellorin, Susie Abdel, Dan Cione, Abdu Salman, Percy Lujan, Rajib Lovesramen Miah, Vishal Singh, , Marc Durougeot, Christopher Rieth, Rayn Cornielle, Louis Oprisa, Mike Legaspi, Bayu Patria, Merlin Miano Patramani, Shake Zula, Sabiha Azad, Jan Makovec, Josmar Trujillo, Kjell Gunnar Larsen, Shandell Is, Jasper Washa, Richard Finkelstein, Jared Flanery, Jose LaSalle, Behrooz Navaii, Alexi Shaaloom, Nick Maniace, Rey Valentin, Uthkarsh Dev, Owsspag Apollo, Rani Ghosson.

"Just Another MLM Study Group"

Red Guards - Los Angeles, organized a meeting 10 January 2015 1214 East 1st St, East Los Angeles "Just Another MLM Study Group".

Saturday 10 January 2015.

Join the Red Guards - Los Angeles as we continue with a basic Marxist-Leninist-Maoist study group right here in Boyle Heights and East LA, out of La Concha.

We will be using much of the material from the Communist Party of India (Maoist), as well as other organizations, while consistently applying it directly to our contemporary communities.
For this Saturday we will continue to study Mao's concept of Protracted Peoples' War (PPW). We will take mostly from Maosoleum's article titled, "What is Protracted Peoples' War?" and the Communist Party of India (Maoist)'s article, "Hold High the Bright Banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism."
Last week we continued onto the second stage of a three stage PPW, strategic equilibrium. For this Saturday we will focus on strategic offensive, with examples and videos.

Those signalling support, or intention to attend on the Whenever page for the event included Kristina Cobb, Behrooz Navaii, Danny Chavez, Besos Bajo Lluvia, Alex Marroquin, Facundo Rompe, Rockey Meitei Saphaba.[1]

A Night of Solidarity with Manipur


Red Guards - Los Angeles organized a Sunday 25 January 2015, event 1214 East 1st St, East Los Angeles. "A Night of Solidarity with Manipur".

Join us as we explore the national liberation struggle by the people of Manipur, India, and the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur, as they fight against capitalism and Indian state repression. We will be showing brief videos, discussing the overall revolution in India and how communists can and must show solidarity with national liberation movements.
The event is organized by the Red Guards - Los Angeles (branch of the New Communist Party - Liaison Committee) out of La Concha, a community space of the Ovarian Psyco-Cycles, a East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights-based radical womyn of color bicycling collective.
We will be exploring the role of communists in Manipur, and the larger context of India - studying the role of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and their ongoing revolution against the state of India.
We will have a special performance from award-winning revolutionary poet Matt Sedillo, a long-time ally and supporter of revolutionary movements in and outside the U.S.

Those signalling intention to attend on the Whenever page for the event included Sivarraya Ande Phakpiseth, Liklai Khonbi Chanu, Guadalupe Sanchez, Nancy Zuniga, Maryann Aguirre, Marc Durougeot, Bravia Tsai, Samson Ngangom, Khanganba Haorokcham, Premjit Mainam, Phampok Mangangcha, David Sheng, Dallas Hogan, Malem Keisam, Kritivash Aribam, Bndzs Naorem, Aspen Miller, Juan Pablo Guevara, Aspen Miller, Bravia Tsai, Naorem Yennou, William Palomino, Ali Tweini, Facundo Rompe, Ramakanta Haorokcham, Joy Wahengbam, Maria Lorena Barros, Zohair Asad Shamsi, Behrooz Navaii, Abir Hasan, Julio Crvnts, Angel Olin Juarez, Evan Beaufort, Jack Ngxom, Nongda Tarangchhen, Moirangthem Joybhusan, Lanheiba Luwang, Nabam Tayiir, Ângelo Cassenotte, Tolen Len, Shyamananda Sapam, Korou Konsam, Licenciado Rodrigo Valles, Matt Sedillo, Arnold Maisnam, Robin Khumancha, Momocha Jazz, Leisem Yum, Njabulo Mkhululi Matshikiza, Rajesh Yumnam, Kjell Gunnar Larsen, Den Molotov, Felicia Gomez Verdin, Atul Pathak, Amber Jeremie, Harish Sing, Marlon Stern, Ishan Chandam, Poleen Lamabam, Pareihanba Meetei Pheiroijam, Alex Marroquin, Kiran Moirangthem, Meetei Leichil, Cihuatl Ce, Rockey Meitei Saphaba, Stephanie Abrego, Chingalakpa Meitei, Perla Madera, Eugene Hernandez, Poton Khundrakpam, Gunamani Lai, Bilari Cat, Athoiba Ngangom, Luwangcha Herojit Meitei, Danny Chavez, Angel Olin Juarez, Lamnganba Kangleicha, Chalam Moirangthem, Khamba Khuman, Paokhong Meitei, Telheiba Ningthoujam, Peder Rena, Alexander Vogel, Mark Ferguson, Laija Luwang, Njabulo Mkhululi Matshikiza, Changkhonbi Chanu, Leisem Yum, Gloria TepiliUelia, Takhatpa Meitei, Abimael Lucio Sucio, Muthat-heibi Mamomloi, Tompok Mangangcha, Roni Abem, Evie X. Martinez , Anu Khumanthem, Victoria Velasco, Danielle Boss, .[2]

Red Guards study meeting


Saturday 9 May 2015, Red Guards - Los Angeles organized a meeting at 1214 East 1st St,East Los Angeles.

Join the Red Guards - Los Angeles as we continue with a basic Marxist-Leninist-Maoist study group right here in Boyle Heights, out of La Concha every other Saturday.
For this Saturday we continue our focus on how anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninists, followers of Mao Tse-Tung Thought and early Maoists applied Maoism in the U.S. beginning in the late 60s during the New Communist Movement. Some of the groups we will be studying include the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (BPPSD), the Revolutionary Union/RCP, League of Revolutionary Struggle, August 29th Movement, Revolutionary Communist League, etc.
CURRENT TOPIC: Bay Area Revolutionary Union - Revolutionary Union (early RCPUSA)

Those signalling intention to attend on the Whenever page for the event included Clair Orozco, Osa Yo No Se, Xeres Villanueva, Behrooz Navaii, Alex Marroquin, Danny Chavez, Abimael Lucio Sucio, Mahmood Shabazz, Javier Salazar, Apurba Muktikami , Jilla Savi, Josefina La China, Facundo Rompe, Andrielle Simone, Maria Lorena Barros, Maryann Aguirre.[3]


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