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Yasmine Taeb

Yasmine Taeb is a Northern Virginia activist. She was in 2018, the first Muslim woman elected to the Democratic National Committee.

She was endorsed by Reps John Conyers, Jan Schakowsky, Andre Carson, Don Beyer, Mike Honda and Larry Cohen of Our Revolution.


  • Studied at Penn State University Dickinson School of Law
  • Studied Political science at University of Florida
  • Went to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School


Poligon Education Fund January 16, 2018:[1]

We're thrilled to announce that Yasmine Taeb will be a guest speaker at Can't Ban This: Poligon's First Anniversary Bash! Yasmine is a human rights and civil liberties advocate for the Friends Committee on National Legislation, and has previously worked at the Center for American Progress and Rep. Karen Bass' office. She is also the first Muslim woman and first Iranian-American to be elected to the Democratic National Committee.

DSA member


Yasmine Taeb is a member of Democratic Socialists of America.

Standing for State Senate


In 2019 Yasmine Tlaib stood for Virginia State Senate District 35.

DSA endorsement request

The MDC DSA Endorsements Committee received endorsement requests from Irma Corado (for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors) and Yasmine Taeb (for VA State Senate). Their endorsements will be getting a debate & online vote at the February GBM, with first reading of the endorsement resolution (below) at Sunday’s January GBM. [2]

DSA NOVA endorsement

DSA NOVA February 21 2019"


Our chapter has endorsed Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America members Irma Corado for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and Yasmine Taeb for Virginia State Senate District 35!

Metro DC DSA endorsement


Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America endorsed Yasmine Taeb.


In this race, I have already been endorsed by national leaders of MoveOn.org, Indivisible, PCCC, Demand Progress, National Iranian American Council, Arab American Institute, and have also been endorsed by Our Revolution - Falls Church. I’ve also been endorsed by several local VA elected offcials in this race; In my DNC races, I was endorsed by Larry Cohen (Board Chair of Our Revolution), Co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, VA Attorney General Mark Herring, Rep. Jan Schakowsky and other national, state, and labor leaders.

Lost primary


David Duhalde June 11 at 7:57 PM ·

Congrats to Michael Payne for advancing in the Charlottesville, VA city council elections. Michael was instrumental in one of the first DSA National endorsements in years of Ross Mittiga in 2017. Ross helped force the leftist-turned-corporate Democratic House of Delegate minority leader into retirement and paved the way for socialist victories in the Commonwealth. Our Revolution also endorsed Ross in that election.

DSA didn’t win anything else tonight but Our Revolution’s Kenny Allen Boddye won a Occoquan Board of Supervisors. I first met Kenny at a DSA meeting in 2017 and he ran for House of Delegates with OR’s backing that year.

While Yasmine Taeb and Irma Corado did not win they showed progressives are gaining against Virginia’s old boys. Yasmine nearly defeated a 30-year incumbent who out spent her 10-to-1 with dirty energy money and establishment support. I hope she can force another retirement and open the space for more insurgent candidates.

Warner connection

Frank Leone January 13, 2018 near Richmond, VA ·


Thanks Mark Warner for protecting our democracy! — with Yasmine Taeb and Steven Cochran.

Opposing Haspel

Yasmine Taeb May 9, 2018:


Today, the Center for Victims of Torture was proud to co-lead w/ U.S. Senator Tina Smith and Congresswoman Barbara Lee a press briefing opposing Gina Haspel for CIA Director. Thank you also to Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Hank Johnson and all our partners for joining us.

Nihad Awad was also there.

Our Revolution

Yasmine Taeb November 16, 2018:


Thank you Our Revolution - Montgomery County for inviting me to join your meeting to talk about what we hope to accomplish in Virginia in 2019!

Thanks for all your help to get Jennifer Wexton, Abigail Spanberger et al elected and for always fighting for our working families and advancing a progressive agenda.

NIAC connection

Yasmine Taeb November 14, 2018:

It was great to join so many friends last night to celebrate the advances of our Iranian-American community & to support NIAC (National Iranian American Council).


It’s incredible what my friend Trita Parsi has accomplished as founder and president of NIAC. Looking forward to continuing to support NIAC's great work under Jamal Abdi’s leadership. — with Michael Metres-Akbar, Katherine Metres Akbar, Amanda Holla Shams and David Shams.

Yasmine Taeb October 1, 2018:

Thank you to the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) for giving me the opportunity to join your annual DC Summit to discuss the challenges of being Iranian-American during this administration and the importance of running for office.

I’m tired of others speaking for our community. We can speak for ourselves and need more Iranian-Americans running for office all across the country who can lead on the issues impacting our community.

I’m so grateful for the immense amount of support we’ve gotten from NIAC members and the broader Iranian-American community just in the past week — THANK YOU!

NIAC September 30, 2018:


Our "Being Iranian American in Trump's America" panel featured NIAC President Jamal Abdi, sanctions expert and attorney Tyler Cullis, Virginia State Senate candidate Yasmine Taeb, Professor Sahar Sadeghi, and video journalist Yara Elmjouie. — in Washington, District of Columbia.

NIAC Forum

Yasmine Taeb January 23, 2017:


Enjoyed participating in a panel discussion yesterday about actions we can take to push back against hate and bigotry. Thank you NIAC & IAAB for organizing the event. The first 100 days of this administration is critical. Please be prepared, organized, and resist policies that will infringe on the rights of anyone from our communities! #RejectHate — with Andy Shallal and Ben Shnider.



NIAC April 12, 2018 · NIAC Action is proud to stand alongside U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Brian Schatz , U.S. Senator Tina Smith, Rep. Ro Khanna​, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee​ to demand that the U.S. Senate block the confirmation of Mike Pompeo. #StopPompeo

Thank you to MoveOn.org and all the other amazing organizations and grassroots activists for this event! We're lucky to have allies like Indivisible Guide​, J Street, Center for Victims of Torture, Win Without War​, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights​, CAIR​, and many, many more!!!

Yasmine Taeb also spoke.

30th Annual Virginia Arab American Political Forum

Yasmine Taeb September 30, 2018:


It was great to join so many friends tonight at the 30th Annual Virginia Arab American Political Forum. I was so happy to see our wonderful Sen. Tim Kaine and Congressman Don Beyer join us. Thank you Saba for the warm welcome and to your tireless work for the community. — with Kenny Allen Boddye at Tysons Corner Marriott.

Pakistani connection

Yasmine Taeb August 30, 2018:

It’s always great to see my friend Sonny Abbasi and his lovely family. Sonny works tirelessly to get Democrats elected across the Commonwealth. And his lovely family and girls are doing amazing work in their communities, committed to social justice, and advocating for refugee rights. Thank you, Sonny for the kind invite and beautiful reception. And congrats on your cousin Ali Jehangir Siddiqui's recent appointment as Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States. — with Marzia Nawroz Abbasi, Sara Abbasi, Maryam Abbasi and Sonny Abbasi.

Taeb supporters

Todd Smyth Jan 26 2019:


Canvassing for Yasmine Taeb for State Senate A true progressive to move Virginia forward. — with Stephen Verdier, Yasmine Taeb, Stephen Spitz and Opal Boyer.

Haaland connection

Yasmine Taeb February 11, 2018:


I was happy to help host my friend Deb Haaland for Congress in Arlington today who is running for the 1st Congressional District in New Mexico. Deb is running a grassroots campaign and I'm looking forward to seeing her make history by becoming the first Native American woman elected to Congress: debforcongress.com — with Jennifer Van Der Heide and Deb Haaland.

Beyer connection

Yasmine Taeb January 21 2019:


Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation and the Social Justice Committee of Falls Church & Vicinity held their 3rd Annual Martin Luther King Day Commemoration today. Thank you to Edwin Henderson and Nikki Graves for allowing us all to be a part of today’s beautiful program. It was great to also see friends there, including Rep. Don Beyer, Ibraheem Samirah, Stephen Spitz, etc. #MLKDay

Comrades on the border

CAIR - Greater Los Angeles December 12, 2018 ·


With Hussam Ayloush and Yasmine Taeb.

Zahra Billoo December 9, 2018:


In San Diego tonight! We’re to take part in an interfaith service in advance of tomorrow's action with AFSC-San Diego, Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, community partners, and hundreds of faith leaders at the border as part of the #LoveKnowsNoBorders: A Moral Call for #MigrantJustice mobilization. — attending Love knows no borders: Interfaith Service with Naeem Baig, Hussam Ayloush, Ossama Kamel, Maytha Alhassen, Yasmine Taeb, Mejgan Afshan, Lubna Shaikh, Asma Rehman, Imraan Siddiqi, Megan Fair and Ramon Mejia.

CAIR - Greater Los Angeles December 10, 2018:·

This what Protest looks like.


Members of CAIR, faith leaders, community partners and supporters prepare to head to the U.S.-Mexico border with @afsc_org as part of the #LoveKnowsNoBorders: A Moral Call for Migrant Justice mobilization. — with Ahmed Bedier, Danette Zaghari-Mask, Taha Hassane, Mejgan Afshan, Zahra Billoo, Omar Suleiman, Yasmine Taeb, Hussam Ayloush, Asma Rehman, Maytha Alhassen, Ismahan Abdullahi, Imraan Siddiqi and Shakeel Syed.

'DNC bird caucus'

Our Revolution - Illinois August 25, 2018:

Via Nomiki Konst: "The Our Revolution and 'DNC bird caucus' celebrating a great win for the slate of DNC reforms!!!"


https://twitter.com/NomikiKonst/status/1033442811041984514?s=19 — with Nomiki Konst, Curtis Wylde, Ahmed Khan, Shana East, Yasmine Taeb, Maggie Wunderly, Elizabeth Lindquist, Alison Silagi Squires, Caesar Vargas, Yesenia Mata, Rebecca Abraham, Clem Balanoff, Martese Chism and Nasr Jahangir.

Women in Politics panel

Clarissa Rose March 22, 2018 near Washington ·


Thank you so much to AU Dems and the Muslim Student Association for the wonderful Women in Politics panel tonight moderated by my fabulous former professor Dr. Karen O’Connor!! Please join me in supporting the campaigns of these outstanding women 😁✊ Jennifer Carroll Foy, Dr. Nadia for Congress 2018 Lindsey Davis Stover for Congress Yasmine Taeb, Democratic National Committee Member — with Yasmine Taeb.

Muslims for Herring

Mark Herring, current state senator and democratic candidate for Attorney General of Virginia, announced on August 8, 2013 the formation of a “Muslims for Herring” coalition led by six members of the Northern Virginia Muslim community.

Herring represents Virginia’s District 33 which consists of parts of Loudon County and Fairfax County, and often reaches out to his large Muslim constituency which includes ADAMS Islamic Center in Northern Virginia. “He [Herring] is very committed to representing them fully,” said co chair of the Muslims for Herring coalition Yasmine Taeb.

All of the co-chairs of Muslims for Herring know Senator Herring personally, whether it be through working with him or organizing events for him. “The coalition is comprised of like minded people that believe in similar issues. It’s a way for Herring to excite the people that share his vision and try to get them out to vote,” said Babur Lateef, a Muslims for Herring co -chair.

The coalition helps introduce Herring to the community, whether it is through Pakistan Day celebrations that Herring attended, or ifaar dinners and jummah prayers, all are put together by Muslims for Herring.

“We make sure Senator Herring will be at events and have a booth so that he can talk about his candidacy and vision,” said Babur Lateef. “We try to do all that we can to give him exposure.”

As a state senator, Herring has dealt with foreign law bills targeting Sharia law, and as Attorney General he hopes to protect the elderly and the youth. He has worked closely with law enforcement to keep drugs off the shelves in hopes to eliminate threats to the safety of the youth. He has stood with legislation that targets those that would commit financial scams against senior citizens. Herring also fights to protect the civil rights and liberties of minority groups. “Herring doesn’t care whether you’re black, brown, green, purple or yellow, he believes that you should be represented,” said Babur Lateef.

Senator Herring has addressed social issues and immigration and is for the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare. “The healthcare bill that Herring supports is incredibly important for the Muslim community and for immigrants and it affects almost every family in the state,” stated Babur Lateef.

Muslims for Herring has organized various events that allow community members to connect with Senator Herring on a personal level. “We’ve held town hall at ADAMS where we have invited Senator Herring to meet with the community,” said Yasmine Taeb. Community members are able to voice their concerns directly to Herring.

Herring’s campaign reached out to the co-chairs personally, asking if they would be interested in bringing support to Senator Herring specifically from the Muslim community of Northern Virginia. Muslims for Herring is not the only coalition that exists in the area, however, it is different than most as it is a formal coalition that consists of Muslims. “I’ve seen a lot of political collations on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and coalitions… and at the federal level… but we received a very formal launch through Senator Herring’s press release,” said Yasmine Taeb.

As a group, the coalition keeps the community connected to everything Mark Herring. They send out emails to inform the community of new events that are coming up related to Senator Herring, and organize events where Senator Herring can meet with his constituents. Muslims for Herring hopes that their efforts will drive as many people as possible to support Senator Herring in the election for Attorney General of Virginia on November 5, 2013 against opponent Mark Obenshain.[3]

Cultivating Promising Muslim Leaders

Hussam Ayloush October 19 2018:

Cultivating Promising Muslim Leaders to Run for Office.

  1. CAIRCon — attending CAIR National Leadership and Policy Conference & 24th Banquet with Yasmine Taeb at Crystal Gateway Marriott.

Abdul El-Sayed and Nadeem Mazen.

DNC endorsements


Yasmine Taeb was endorsed by Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva for the Democratic National Committee.

Diamond connection

Yasmine Taeb November 14, 2018.

I was proud to join our ATU union brothers and sisters tonight and DASH drivers as they fight for collective bargaining rights.


Tomorrow, DASH drivers will exercise their right to vote for a better future. The best path to the middle class is collectively bargaining. Every worker has a right to organize — and we as Democrats need to stand with workers coming together every step of the way. — with Mo Seifeldein and Virginia Diamond at Alexandria City Hall.

NOVA Labor Day

Yasmine Taeb September 3, 2018 ·


Great turnout at the NOVA Labor Day picnic yesterday at Fort Hunt Park with Sen. Tim Kaine, Rep. Don Beyer, Rep. Gerry Connolly, as well as hundreds of union members and supporters. Really grateful to NOVA Labor President Virginia Diamond and all of our brothers and sisters in labor for making this weekend happen. #LaborDay2018 — with Virginia Diamond and Babur Lateef.

2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force repeal

Yasmine Taeb March 10, 2018:


Today, after nearly 17 years, the Democratic Party adopted a resolution I submitted calling for the repeal of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). I was proud to have our DNC and progressive leaders sign on as co-sponsors, including my good friend DNC Deputy Chair Congressman Keith Ellison, DNC Vice-Chair Congresswoman Grace Meng, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Our Revolution Board Chairman Larry Cohen, Chair of Hawaii Democrats Timothy Vandeveer, and nearly 20 other co-sponsors. It is past time for Congress to have a debate and #VoteOnWar.

Passed only three days after the attacks of 9/11, the 2001 AUMF has given three administrations expansive and endless war-making powers without consulting Congress. This is an abdication of Congress’ constitutional duties. I am heartened that the Democratic Party recognizes the dangers of using an outdated war authority and is calling on all Democratic members in Congress to support bipartisan efforts to repeal the 2001 AUMF.

Water protectors

Yasmine Taeb December 2, 2017:


So great to join friends today in Richmond for the Water is Life rally #NoACP — with Koran T. Saines, Stephen Spitz, Josh Stanfield and Brent Finnegan in Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia Dems

Sonia Klein November 11, 2017 near Falls Church, VA ·


With Ayman Eldarwish, Elizabeth Guzman, Boyd Walker, Genie Mohantee, Tessa Read, Lee J. Carter, Paula O. Goddard, Sandra J. Klassen, Mike Sandler, Mark Wiznitzer, Koran T. Saines, Yasmine Taeb and Stephanie Elizabeth Tipple.

Muslim Dems

Yasmine Taeb November 5, 2017:

What an amazing turnout today at a phonebank hosted at the home of Mirza Baig & Mona Malik and joined by Gov. McAuliffe, DPVA Chair Susan Swecker, and Del. Kathleen Murphy.


200+ Muslim-American volunteers making more than 5,000 calls to elect Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring because our ticket will ensure Virginia remains an inclusive state where the civil and human rights of all are respected. #GameOnVA — with Salim Alchurbaji.

Supporting Finnegan

Yasmine Taeb October 5, 2017:


I was thrilled to join a reception in Harrisonburg for my friend Brent Finnegan. Brent is a phenomenal HoD candidate in the 26th District, a staunch progressive, and someone who will work tirelessly to ensure every Virginian has a fair shot at the American Dream. Please learn more about his campaign (brentfinnegan.com) and consider making a contribution here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/finnegan — with BO Hammond, Brent Finnegan, Kai Degner, Praveen Meyyan and Takis Karantonis.

Netroots 2017

At Netroots 2017, a panel, entitled "Making Congress Listen: How to Transform Trump Anger and Movement Energy into Victories on Capitol Hill," will address how organizers can channel outrage at discriminatory, inhumane policies into positive change. Speakers will outline methods for smart, strategic constituent lobbying and describe how this form of activism fits into a larger movement to move Congress in a more progressive direction.

The event will take place on Friday, August 11th at 9:00 am at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Led by Mike Darner, Executive Director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the panel will also feature:


Sarah Badawi, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Rep. Mark Pocan, U.S. House of Representatives, Ezra Levin, Indivisible Project, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, U.S. House of Representatives, Yasmine Taeb.

Netroots 2016

Catherine S. Read July 16, 2016 near St. Louis, MO ·


"Ending the Endless War and Advancing a Progressive Global Vision" moderated by Kate Gould, with Rep, Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), and Yasmine Taeb of FCNL. #NN16 — with Yasmine Taeb.

Supporting Tucker

Yasmine Taeb September 28, 2017:


I was so happy to co-host a fundraiser for my friend Kimberly Anne Tucker for Delegate last night alongside Del. Rip Sullivan and Tom Perriello. Kimberly is an amazing HoD candidate in the 81st District. Please learn more about her campaign (kimberlyannetucker.com) and consider making a contribution here: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/kimberlyannetucker — with Kimberly Anne Tucker and Rip Sullivan.

Arlington Association of Asian Americans

Arlington Association of Asian Americans July 28, 2017:


Thank you to Senator Barbara Favola for spending time with the Arlington Association of Asian Americans — with Susie Lee, Grace Choi, Seema Sethi, David Kang, Chanda Choun, Vijnata Trivedi, Sarah Coloma, Mansi Patel, Yasmine Taeb and Praveen Meyyan at Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill.

Progressive Summit

Yasmine Taeb February 6, 2017:

I joined fellow activists and members of Congress at the annual Progressive Summit yesterday to discuss our strategy for the first 100 days of the 115th Congress. My message to attendees: organize, mobilize, and fight, fight, fight. We need to continue to resist the disastrous policies of this administration and will need our allies in the Progressive Caucus to stand with us every step of the way -- to join us in the streets to protest and engage in acts of civil disobedience. These are extraordinary times and demand extraordinary actions. — at The Lord Baltimore Raddison Hotel.


Onstage with John Nichols, Jan Schakowsky, Mark Takano.

Muslim ban protest

Jennifer Barton Boysko January 28, 2017:


With Kenny Allen Boddye, Koran T. Saines, Yasmine Taeb, Barbara Kanninen, Marcus Simon, Kathleen Murphy and Sergio Rimola.

Barbara Kanninen January 28, 2017 ·

With Kenny Allen Boddye, Yasmine Taeb, Marcus Simon, Delegate Jennifer Boysko, Delegate Kathleen Murphy, Koran T. Saines and Sergio Rimola at Washington Dulles International Airport.[4]

ADC Forum

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) October 12, 2016:


Yasmine Taeb and Shelly Pitterman speak at the Refugee Forum with UNHCR and the State Department — with Yasmine Taeb at Washington Marriott Wardman Park.

White House visit

Yasmine Taeb July 14, 2016:


At the White House with faith leaders from various traditions, including the Presbyterian Church USA, Mennonite Church USA, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Unitarian Universalist Association, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations to voice our deep concerns over the U.S. lethal drone program. — at The White House.

White House Nowruz reception

Kate Gould April 6, 2016:


Waiting from the front row for the First Lady to speak at the White House Nowruz reception. #Nowruz — with Paul Kawika Martin and Yasmine Taeb.

Syrian refugee crisis meeting

Yasmine Taeb October 29, 2015:


BOOM! THIS happened today. Representatives from more than 65 organizations, including folks from The White House, UNHCR, Refugee Council USA, AFL-CIO, Avaaz.org joined a mobilization meeting on the Syrian refugee crisis convened by MoveOn.org and the Friends Committee on National Legislation. So incredibly humbled to be working on this endeavor with colleagues from MoveOn.org and so many fantastic... See More — with Katherine KC and Paul Kawika Martin.

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Friends Committee on National Legislation - FCNL October 1, 2015:

"We support openness to refugees, victims of violence and human trafficking and those seeking asylum."

- FCNL policy statement, November 2013

  1. AmericaWelcomes #WelcomeWorld #RefugeesWelcome MoveOn.org — with Karen Putney, Allyson Neville, Christine Ashley, Mark Shanahan, Yasmine Taeb, Kate Gould and Katherine KC.

Virginia Progressive Leadership Project

Cydny A. Neville September 26, 2015:


Virginia Progressive Leadership Project - a few of us out for dinner after today's awesome session! — with Jeff Charity, Steve Descano and Yasmine Taeb.

David Broder July 27, 2015:


Spent an amazing weekend with the inaugural cohort of The Virginia Progressive Leadership Project. Such an impressive, passionate and diverse set of leaders from across the Commonwealth. The future of the progressive movement is very bright! — with Anna Scholl, Fatima Yousofi, Richard Cabellos, Natalie Nguyen Woodruff, Julie Emery, Morgan Jameson, Jervone Raymond, Kimberly M. B. Adams, Tram Nguyen, Margie Del Castillo, Yasmine Taeb, Hala Ayala, Cydny A. Neville, Geneva Perry and Jeff Charity.


PCCC - BoldProgressives.org August 4, 2015.


With Kayla Wingbermuehle-Brown, Ryan Rasmussen, Dominique Nikki Jackson, Sarah Badawi, Tamara Johnson Shealey, Brenda Lopez Romero, Michelle Martinez, Ted Jones, Noel Frame, Jay Saxon, Monica Lisa, Aly Johnson-Kurts, Tamika L Mapp, Eric D. Nelson, Jen D. Rafanan, Daniel Blackman, Farrah N. Khan, Ryan Joseph, Janine Brown, Shannon Shaun, Laurie-Anne Sayles, Dan Jameyson, Melissa Sargent, Yasmine Taeb, Harish I. Patel, Dorothy Krause, Elisabeth Lamar, Sammi Brown, Movita Johnson-Harrell, Clara Puerta, Aaron Johnson, Lacey Ann Connelly, Benjamin Yee, Rebecca Abraham, Michael McCarthy, Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Ted Terry, Sarah DeMerchant, Elaine Hyman, Patrick Davis, Bob Gibeling, Tim Denson, Robert Millar, Mari Cordes, Chris Wig, Heidi J. Vierthaler and Paul Per Row Knee.

Radical friends

Ralph Northam July 27, 2015.


With David Broder, Tram Nguyen and Yasmine Taeb.

Safi connection

Yasmine Taeb March 11, 2015:


With Omid Safi at The White House.

Arlington Young Democrats

Arlington Young Democrats December 9, 2014:


With Jack Bardo, Alfonso Lopez, Daniel Bart Hutchins, Kate Petersen, Michelle Woods, Dakotah Smith, Lauren Hall, Yasmine Taeb, David de la Fuente, Jamie Lockhart, Julie Emery and Katie Breslin.


In 2014 stood for Virginia delegate in District 48.

Yasmine Taeb July 5, 2014:


Honored to have so many friends and supporters canvassing for me today! I look forward to meeting more supporters at today's debate. #VA48 — with Shawn Logue, Atif Qarni, Tom Marcoux, Seth Morrison and Fatima Pashaei.

Arlington Young Democrats panel

Catherine S. Read July 23, 2014


Wonderful panel sponsored by the Women's Caucus of the Arlington Young Democrats. Jennifer Barton Boysko, Kathleen Murphy, Senator Barbara Favola, Yasmine Taeb and Senator Jennifer Wexton. — with Jennifer Barton Boysko and Yasmine Taeb at Cafe Asia.

Arab American Institute

Friends Committee on National Legislation - FCNL March 22, 2014:


Yasmine Taeb from the Arab American Institute and Justin Zorn, legislative director for Rep. John Conyers listen to Lt. Col. Daniel Davis address the group. #slw2014 — with LTC Daniel Davis, Justin Zorn and Yasmine Taeb in Washington, District of Columbia.

AAI Leadership Team

Arab American Institute October 6, 2011:


The AAI team — with Yasmine Taeb, Salim Alchurbaji, Emily Manna, Frank Matt, Tess Waggoner, Omar Tewfik, Hilary Robertson Collado, Omar Baddar, Samer Araabi and Maya Berry in Dearborn, Michigan.

Backing Atif Qarni

Yasmine Taeb November 3, 2013:


A great way to spend a Sunday evening, making GOTV calls for Atif Qarni and the Democratic ticket! Many thanks to the organizers and to our gracious hosts, Mona and Mirza. Photo, courtesy of the lovely Uzma Sabir. :) — with Shoeb Rehman, Atif Qarni, Salim Alchurbaji, Muhammad Zafar, Fatima Pashaei, Zaki Barzinji, Razi Hashmi, , Yasmin Elhady Nassiry, McMood Kosmy, Mona Malik and Uzma Sabir.


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