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Hala Ayala is a Virginia activist.

NVM flips Virginia


On election night November 5 2019 New Virginia Majority claimed credit for flipping Virginia.

From a New Virginia Majority press release:[1]

Tonight, voters across Virginia made one thing clear: real power in the state comes from its people. With a remarkable turnout for an off-off election year, Virginians elected a majority of Democrats to the General Assembly. For the first time since 1993, Democrats govern all three legislative bodies.
“When we engage voters on the issues impacting their lives, we empower entire communities to affect change. In 2019, we knocked on over 500,000 doors, and we talked to voters about protecting their healthcare, and ensuring their children are safe in their neighborhoods and schools, regardless of where they live or where they come from,” said Maya Castillo, New Virginia Majority’s Political Director. “Voters want to see themselves and their communities reflected in the people they elect to govern Virginia, and were very clear in making that choice at the polls.”
Voters and organizers like Shana Boston were key to the Democratic victory. “This is my life’s work: going back to people who have had their rights restored to ensure they are registered to vote.” Boston voted absentee and she’s “excited to see the numbers come in, to see our team watch this victory.”
Virginia voters came out to the polls to show that they wanted their governing bodies to take a direction that will move us towards a more inclusive, reflective, and just democracy. A Virginia for all of us will enact legislation to ensure that our families are strong, that our democracy works for us, and that our communities thrive.

Of the 23 candidates endorsed by New Virginia Majority 15 won. They were:

Virginia Progressive Leadership Project

David Broder July 27, 2015:


Spent an amazing weekend with the inaugural cohort of The Virginia Progressive Leadership Project. Such an impressive, passionate and diverse set of leaders from across the Commonwealth. The future of the progressive movement is very bright! — with Anna Scholl, Fatima Yousofi, Richard Cabellos, Natalie Nguyen Woodruff, Julie Emery, Morgan Jameson, Jervone Raymond, Kimberly M. B. Adams, Tram Nguyen, Margie Del Castillo, Yasmine Taeb, Hala Ayala, Cydny A. Neville, Geneva Perry and Jeff Charity.

MoveOn endorsement

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