Brent Finnegan

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Brent Finnegan

Brent Finnegan was a candidate in Virginia's house race in 2017.[1]

Harrisonburg/Rockingham DSA Facebook group


Members of the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, accessed December 10, 2017, included Brent Finnegan.

Supporting Finnegan

Yasmine Taeb October 5, 2017:


I was thrilled to join a reception in Harrisonburg for my friend Brent Finnegan. Brent is a phenomenal HoD candidate in the 26th District, a staunch progressive, and someone who will work tirelessly to ensure every Virginian has a fair shot at the American Dream. Please learn more about his campaign ( and consider making a contribution here: — with BO Hammond, Brent Finnegan, Kai Degner, Praveen Meyyan and Takis Karantonis.

Water protectors

Yasmine Taeb December 2, 2017:


So great to join friends today in Richmond for the Water is Life rally #NoACP — with Koran T. Saines, Stephen Spitz, Josh Stanfield and Brent Finnegan in Richmond, Virginia.

2017 Virginia Delegate Candidates Endorse State Single Payer Health-Care

VA Single Payer.jpg

Brent Finnegan was among the Virginia Delegate Candidates as announced during a press conference arranged by Lee J. Carter who endorse state-level single payer health-care.

Others listed: Flourette Ketner (D-7), Stephanie Cook (D-9), Angela Lynn (D-25), Joshua Cole (D-28), Morgan Goodman (D-55), Jamaal Johnston (D-60), Kimberly Anne Tucker (D-81), Steve Aycock (D-88), Steve McBride (D-9), Michele Edwards (D-20), Brent Finnegan (D-26), Lee J. Carter (D-50), Kellen Squire (D-58), Francis Stevens (D-65), David Rose-Carmack (D-83), Cori Johnson (D-97).

Virginia comrades


Cullen Tiernan August 1, 2016:

Saying my goodbye to the Shenandoah Valley with a heavy heart and a Waterloo Sunset. Thank you to everyone here who inspired me to get involved in Bernie's Campaign, we didn't win everything, but I'm so happy we connected and we are changing the world. #stillsanders — with Michael Snell-Feikema, Brent Finnegan, Haley Springer, Valerie Luna Serrels and Miles Campbell.


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