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Lee J. Carter


Lee J. Carter is a "former U.S. Marine and self-described socialist" and member of Democratic Socialists of America. In 2017, the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America made Lee J. Carter's candidacy for Virginia's 50th House District a "priority."[1]

He is an IT specialist who lives in the City of Manassas, Virginia, where moved in 2011, after completing five years of service in the United States Marine Corps.

He is an active member of the Manassas City Democratic Committee, and spends much of his time working as a community organizer and activist — particularly in the areas of affordable housing and worker protections. He is also a graduate of the Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership. The Carter family are involved members of the Bull Run Unitarian Universalists congregation in Manassas.[2]

Military background

Lee J. Carter joined the Marine Corps during the beginning of the 'Global War on Terror', and worked in technological repair in a Special Operations-capable support unit, completing tours in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. His unit was also one of the first to respond to Haiti, following the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Born in North Carolina, Carter was raised in a military family, and traveled across the country during his father's service in the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard.

Lee is proud of his family's service to our country, and his family has served in all five branches of the United States military. For Lee, spending a life in service to others began in his childhood as a military brat and continued through his own service in the military and beyond.[3]

Ending "Right to Work"

On Saturday January 16 2021, the Virginia Our Revolution organization sponsored an online kickoff meeting featuring progressive Democratic Party members of the General Assembly (Virginia’s state legislature) and labor leaders to get behind a Bill, House Bill 1755, in the House of Delegates, the lower house of the General Assembly. This bill would repeal Virginia’s longstanding “Right to Work” statute, which is seen by organized labor as a major obstacle to unionization in Virginia.

Last year, there was also an attempt to repeal “Right to Work” in Virginia, but it was blocked in the legislature by a combination of Republicans and conservative Democrats, the latter including Governor Ralph Northam. The argument for opposing the repeal was, as always, that abolishing right to work would cause companies to not to want to come to Virginia, and thus would “cost jobs.”

At the Saturday meeting, the chief sponsor of House Bill 1755, Delegate (state representative) Lee J. Carter , an openly declared socialist from Northern Virginia, provided an interesting history of “Right to Work” in the United States.

Two other Democratic co-sponsors of HB 1755 also spoke at the kickoff meeting. Delegate Joshua Cole, who represents the area of Fredericksburg and Stafford County in Northern Virginia, pointing out the relevance of the effort to repeal Right to Work to the upcoming Martin Luther King day holiday, stated that the “Black-white economic divide [in the United States] is as great as it was in 1968,” when King was murdered while supporting African-American sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee. Cole and other speakers explained that anti-labor measures are also anti-minority measures. Delegate Sally Hudson, who represents the city of Charlottesville and environs, also emphasized the racist roots of “Right to Work.”

Labor spoke out powerfully at the kickoff meeting. Joshua Armstead, Vice President of Unite-Here Local 23, which represents workers in Washington DC and Northern Virginia, Don Slaiman from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and Virginia Diamond, President of the AFL-CIO of Northern Virginia, all pledged their support to the bill. Speakers also included Larry Cohen, Chairman of Our Revolution, Sandra Klassen, Chair of Our Revolution-Northern Virginia, and Michelle Woolley, chair of the Coalition to Repeal Right to Work.

This year there are state elections in Virginia for governor, lieutenant governor, and all 100 seats in the House of Delegates. By Virginia law, Governor Northam cannot run for re-election and the issue of right to work is sure to be an issue in the campaign.

Meanwhile, supporters of repeal are circulating a petition to help drum up public support for HB 1755. [4]

ICE protest

Scott Surovell August 22 2019·


Honored to stand tonight with our Labor Brothers and Sisters in a vigil at ICE's NOVA HQ to protest their PR stunt Mississippi raid to divide families and retaliate against Latino workers for successfully recovering millions for sexual harassment and substandard working conditions. — with Virginia Diamond, Lee J. Carter and Neri Canahui at Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE).

DSA Fundraiser

DSA Fundraiser for Lee J. Carter

In October 2017, DSA sponsored a fundraiser for Lee J. Carter led by Lynne Spinoza Williamson.

Delegate run


In 2017, Lee J. Carter was the Democratic candidate running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 50th district, which includes the city of Manassas and Bristow.[5]

DSA member

Lee J. Carter is a member of Democratic Socialists of America.

One of the DSA’s members running for office this November is Lee Carter, a former U.S. Marine and self-described socialist who is challenging the GOP whip in Virginia’s state House. In Carter’s district, Clinton beat Trump by nearly 13 percent. And yet, Carter says he has received little support from Virginia’s Democratic Party. “The state party’s resources are stretched thin,” he explains.
But the local chapter of the DSA has made Carter’s race a priority. Once it endorsed his campaign, the group started mobilizing its members to canvas Carter’s district on his behalf. “We’ve managed to knock on tens of thousands of doors,” says Carter.[6]

DSA support

Help build power for working families in Northern Virginia. Canvass to support Lee Carter as he runs to unseat the House Majority Whip Jackson Miller. Join DSA members who will show that organized people can beat organized money every time.[7]

Socialist campaign manager

Dismayed by Trump’s rise to power Jacquelyn Smith in January 2017 joined the Democratic Socialists of America, which has chapters in nearly every US state. And at just 22 years old, she managed Lee J. Carter’s victorious campaign in Virginia.[8]

American University College Democrats

Lee J. Carter tweet to AU Democrats

Lee J. Carter gave the The American University College Democrats a shout out on Twitter on October 25 2017: "A big thank you to the @AUCollegeDems for making calls to spread the word about the campaign and information for Election Day."[9]

2017 Virginia Delegate Candidates Endorse State Level Single Payer

VA Single Payer.jpg

Lee J. Carter was among the Virginia Delegate Candidates as announced during a press conference arranged by Lee J. Carter who endorse state-level single payer health-care. Others listed: Flourette Ketner (D-7), Stephanie Cook (D-9), Angela Lynn (D-25), Joshua Cole (D-28), Morgan Goodman (D-55), Jamaal Johnston (D-60), Kimberly Anne Tucker (D-81), Steve Aycock (D-88), Steve McBride (D-9), Michele Edwards (D-20), Brent Finnegan (D-26), Lee J. Carter (D-50), Kellen Squire (D-58), Francis Stevens (D-65), David Rose-Carmack (D-83), Cori Johnson (D-97).

MoveOn endorsement

DKVRqiaXkAAR mG.jpg

MoveOn.org endorsed Lee J. Carter.


Democratic Socialists of America member, veteran, and Democratic candidate Lee J. Carter unseated Republican House majority whip Del. Jackson Miller in the 50th District, November 7, 2017. Carter had been largely abandoned by the state’s Democratic party after choosing to run on a platform calling for single-payer health care and curtailing big-money campaign finance, and openly opposing the Democrat-supported Dominion Energy plan for a natural gas pipeline and a high-voltage transmission line through residential neighborhoods. His opponents distributed mailers comparing him to Stalin. And ultimately, none of it mattered — Carter beat out a top-ranking Republican with an 84 percent lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union by 54 percent to 46 percent.[10]

DSA elected official

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) today (11/9/17) announced that its membership now includes 15 new elected officials. This is in addition to 20 elected already in offices around the United States. On Tuesday the DSA was represented in 25 elections across 13 different states. Four of those running have national endorsements from the DSA, and many others were supported by our local chapters.

Lee J. Carter (D) Virginia's House of Delegates in District 50, VA, was on the list.[11]

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Lee J. Carter.[12]

Our Revolution

The University of Maryland - Our Revolution chapter has been very active since the beginning of the semester. The Chapter produces a weekly podcast featuring progressive campus and community activists, and also hosts regular teach-ins; some recent examples include teach-ins on single-payer healthcare and public financing.

For the 2017 elections the UMD OR Chapter hit the pavement for Lee J. Carter, an Our Revolution-endorsed candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates in the 50th district. Carter, a democratic socialist, impressively defeated the incumbent, Republican House Majority Whip Jackson Miller.

OR UMD phone banked for Democratic Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones on November 20th, who is in a tight race with a Republican candidate.[13]

Virginia Dems

Sonia Klein November 11, 2017 near Falls Church, VA ·


With Ayman Eldarwish, Elizabeth Guzman, Boyd Walker, Genie Mohantee, Tessa Read, Lee J. Carter, Paula O. Goddard, Sandra J. Klassen, Mike Sandler, Mark Wiznitzer, Koran T. Saines, Yasmine Taeb and Stephanie Elizabeth Tipple.

Fredericksburg Democratic Socialists of America Closed Group

Fredericksburg Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group members, as of January 19 , 2019 included Lee J. Carter.[14]