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Chris Guiton

Morning Star

Chris Guiton was appointed at the same time as Ben Chacko replaced Richard Bagley. The Morning Star lost a lot of experience with the departure of two “stalwarts”, the paper said, but Chacko and Guiton welcomed the chance to overhaul its editorial line and business operations at the same time.

Guiton had been a civil servant for 28 years, and a Communist Party of Britain member for since circa 2012, having left the Labour Party “in disgust” at “Blairism and Iraq”. He says he was dismayed by what he found at the Morning Star. “There was a lack of structure and process, and a working culture that was – dare I say it – amateurish. We needed to get some professional systems in place to allow the paper to fulfil its potential.”

CPB Commissions

In 2016 the Communist Party of Britain EC endorsed the following Commission convenors who subsequently took up their positions: Mark O'Neill (Anti-austerity & People’s Charter), Tony Conway (Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism), Mike Quille (Culture), Chris Guiton (Economics), Robert Wilkinson (Education), Robert Wilkinson (Anti-EU & Popular Sovereignty), Graham Stevenson (Communist History Group), John Foster (International), Bill Greenshields (Political Education & Cadre Development), Joanne Stevenson (Peace), Tommy Morrison (Unemployment), Liz Payne (Women).[1]

CPB committees

The January 2015 Communist Party of Britain EC also elected the following committees:

Red Star Festival 2015

Red Star Festival 2015 was held July 2015 Clerkenwell Green, London was held It was sponsored by the Morning Star, Marx Memorial Library and the Communist Party of Britain. Speakers included Chris Guiton.

Merseyside Morning Star supporters


Lynn Collins, David Sharkey, Carolyn Jones, Chris Guiton, Megan Dobney, Peter Middleman, Steve Gillan, Christine Blower, Ben Chacko, Len McCluskey, Jane Carolan, Gawain Little.

Party manual


Authors of the 2013 Communist Party of Britain manual were Richard Bagley, Martin Graham, Robert Griffiths, David Grove, Chris Guiton, Phil Katz, James Rodie, Ben Stevenson and Lynne Walsh.


In 2012 Chris Guiton was a member of the Communist Party of Britain Economics Commission.[3]


In the early 2010's Chris Guiton contributed to the Croydon Communist Party newsletter.

21st Century Marxism


21st Century Marxism was convened by the Communist Party of Britain 21st and 22nd July 2012, Bishopsgate Institute London.

"Taking on the Tax Dodgers" with Prem Sikka, Chris Guiton.[4]