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National Domestic Workers Alliance is affiliated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


Circa 2015 Michael Guerrero was National Coordinator of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and UNITY, a collaboration between six national grassroots alliances including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Right to the City Alliance, Pushback Network, National Guestworker Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and Jobs with Justice. [1]

Leftist alliance for Stacey

The collaboration between the Working Families Party and New Georgia Project in Georgia, the leadership in sectors of Stacey Abrams’ campaign by people out of Movement for Black Lives' The Electoral Justice Project, the fact that the National Domestic Workers Alliance deployed the largest independent field operation in that state – all this energized young voters, re-energized veterans of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and strengthened the emerging Black-Latino alliance, laying the basis for future wins if Stacey Abrams doesn’t pull it out this time..[2]

Board of Directors

As of 2013;[3]


As of 2015;[4]

Executive Office

Campaign Team

Field Team

Policy Team

Communications & Development

Social Innovations

Workforce Development


Finance & Operations

IPS partner

Institute for Policy Studies is a "key partner with the National Domestic Workers Alliance". [5]


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