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Micah Perlin

Public Facebook group


Members of the San Diego Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook group, as of March 18, 2017 included Micah Perlin .[1]

Standing for AD 78

In 2019 Micah Perlin stood from AD 78 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

My name is Micah Perlin and I’m running for my second term as an Assembly District Delegate in the 78th. Since becoming a delegate two years ago, I’ve been working (almost full time) to revitalize the San Diego County Democratic Party into a bold people-powered movement that is capable of electing progressive candidates that will tackle the existential threats to our democracy: climate change, income inequality, and the influence of corporate money in politics. I established and ran two grassroots political action committees to drive awareness and support for several of our most progressive Democratic candidates in last year’s races. I set up “Get Out The Vote – San Diego” for the June primary to support Genevieve Jones-Wright (for DA), Dave Myers (for Sheriff), and Matt Strabone (for County Clerk). Though these candidates didn’t win, our lean operation activated dozens of volunteers and supporters, reaching tens of thousands of voters via phone, text, and social media.

With the help of progressive activists and policy experts from across the County, I recently chartered and now serve as the president of a new Democratic Club called “We The People – San Diego County.” The mission of this organization is to advocate for immediate policy reforms in the areas of environmental justice, social justice, racial justice, and economic justice. I am proud that We The People played a critical role in helping to elect Councilmember Monica Montgomery, “the people’s choice” for San Diego City District 4. Monica is exactly the kind of Democratic candidate that we should be running across California — smart, issue-based, AND indebted to no one but her community.[2]



Micah Perlin, Genevieve Jones-Wright, Michael McConnell, November 7, 2018: