Trevor Hill

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Trevor Hill

Trevor Hill joined Democratic Socialists of America in 2016.[1]


  • Studies Public Policy at New York University
  • Went to Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High Charter School

Young comrades

Dakotah Lilly February 2, 2018:


Really great day. Glad we finally got to meet Trevor πŸ™‚ more memories to come no doubt 😊 πŸ’•βœŠπŸΌβœŠπŸΌ β€” with Dyln Namm, Trevor Hill at New York University.

Comrade Lenin's Dank Meme Stash

Dyln Namm April 24, 2018 near New York, NY Β·


The admin team is working to bring back the group. Please be patient as we work with Facebook. β€” with Jordan Ashley Brookes, Chris McGrane, David A. Marin, Trevor Hill, Salvatore Noth and Gunnar Angeles.

DSA Dank PDF Stash

Members of Democratic Socialists of America Dank PDF Stash closed Facebook group as of August 18, 2017, included Trevor Hill.[2]

San Diego DSA Facebook group

Members of the San Diego Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook group, as of October 14 18, 2017 included Trevor Hill .[3]

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Trevor Hill.[4]