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Lindsay Imai-Hong is CA Director at Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network. Former Senior Program Manager at Urban Habitat. Lives in Oakland, California.


  • Studied Comparative Studies of Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University
  • Went to Redwood High School

Seed the Vote

Seed the Vote is a project of the Everyday People PAC.

Some of the individuals supporting this project (organizations listed for identification purposes only):

Seed the Vote October 30 ·


"So many critical issues facing our communities and our planet hang in the balance of next year's presidential election and we need to win. That is why I am spending two weeks with Seed the Vote next Fall. I am excited that Seed the Vote will get out the vote in a key battleground state while it also supports base-building there to shift the balance of power in this country over the long term." -Lindsay

Ready to join Lindsay? Sign up at — with Lindsay Imai-Hong.

Models for Fighting Racism & White Supremacy

Organizers Forum: Models for Fighting Racism & White Supremacy. Hosted by Organizer's Forum

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 10 AM – 11 AM 2019.

Thanks to those who joined the August call about fighting racism and white supremacy in disability organizations and the disability rights movement! Following up on that call, let's look around and outside our communities to see what others are doing and what we can learn. We will hear from people in white-led organizations about what they are doing to fight white supremacy inside and outside their organizations, and how white-led organizations can set up structures of accountability to communities of color.