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Template:TOCnestleft Ann Rebeck is a Durham North Carolina activist. She has been a parent advocate since her daughter first entered Public School Kindergarten 10 years ago. She has served on School Improvement Teams, PTAs and now serves as co-chair of the PA Education Team. This year she was also elected as President of the Durham Council of PTAs where she is working to promote advocacy throughout Durham. Ann teaches preschool in the mornings which she sees an oasis from her busy volunteer life. Ann's background is in management and Social Work. She has an undergraduate degree in Education.

Durham People’s Alliance

Durham People’s Alliance Board, as of 2014;[1]

"Supporting "progressive county commissioners"


Sendolo Diaminah wrote on his Facebook page February 24 2016;

Kaji is so hyped to phone bank for progressive county commissioners that he came a week early--even tho there was a tornado warning! Y'all better get on his level!!… Durham we have a chance to elect commissioners who can use local office to defend our communities from all the attacks coming from the republican New Confederacy. Let's use our power! You know what I mean Nia, Zaina, Alec, Santos, Seamus, Ann, Ajamu, D'atra, Cheema, Mandy, Ade, Aiden, Lorisa, Bro Ray, Melissa...