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Zeth Stone

Bozeman comrades

Bozeman Democratic Socialists of America June 25 2018:


Our beautiful Democratic Socialists at the Taproom before our $15 wage city council meeting! — with Kaosangre Egeira, Zeth Stone, Aubrey Kline, William Johnson, Nicholas Peyton, Karli Quinn, Lindsey Buck, Andy Boyd, Kurt Dally and Lars D. Nelson.

July 2018 Statewide meeting

Montana Democratic Socialists of America July 2 2018.[1]

40 #beautifullsocialists, all members of the Democratic Socialists of America, convened for the first ever Montana DSA statewide meeting in Helena yesterday. We discussed how we could work together for Medicare for All, on the Poor People's Campaign, electing DSA members to the Montana legislature, for a Populist PAC, exploring fusion voting, and organizing socialists for statewide coordination and action.
This was the largest meeting of organized socialists in Montana in at least four decades, and over 1/4 of our statewide membership attended. Most Montana communities of over 10,000 people were represented, including members from chapters in Billings DSA, Western MT DSA, Bozeman DSA, Glacier DSA, and Helena DSA.

With George McCauley, Ben Hahn, John Powers, Michael Workman, Marshall Mayer, Leslie Croot, Zeth Stone, Hank Fuller, Jessie Kline, Bonnie Lambert, Celia Winkler, Jacqueline Reimers, Ryan Meyers, Lynn Purl, Sandy Dvarishkis, Amelia Danielle Marquez, Jade Bahr, Arthur Fretheim, Rich Smith, Sonia Davis, Randy Heinz, Andy Boyd, Josh Schleining, Keenan Weatherford, Janet Kosnik, Nadine Smith, Mark Fiege, Haleigh Thrall, Bill Entwistle, Duran Caferro, Mark Anderlik, Philip Richmond and Nancy Fuller Bleck.

Big Sky Pride parade

Montana Democratic Socialists of America, June 16 2018.


Amelia Danielle Marquez leads a cheer for the Montana DSA delegation at the Big Sky Pride Parade. Let's elect her to HD 52 in November, along with Kathleen O'Donnell in HD 55! — with Amelia Marquez for HD 52, Andy Boyd, Zeth Stone, Haleigh Thrall, Marshall Mayer, Kathleen O'Donnell and Bill Entwistle in Helena, Montana.

DSA Regional Training

Hannah Allison December 2 2018:

Feeling inspired after this weekend’s DSA Regional Training in Salt Lake City! We had Democratic Socialists of America chapters from Utah, Montana, Colorado and South Dakota. Grateful to have these amazing organizers out west!


Y’all tag yourselves as you wish! — with Josh Schleining, Randy Heinz, Laura Gabby, Marshall Mayer, Zeth Stone and Issac Hann in Salt Lake City, Utah.