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RoadMap is a consultancy network closely affiliated to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


RoadMap is a national team of of 69 consultants across the country dedicated to advancing the power and promise of social justice organizations. With Emily Goldfarb serving as Director, we bring extensive on-the-ground experience, a range of complementary skills, and a diversity of race and ethnicity, class, sexual orientation and geographic backgrounds that is rare in the consulting field.

RoadMap continues the successful work of the Management Assistance Program (MAP) of the French American Charitable Trust (FACT). Over a period of seven years, MAP conducted more than 90 capacity building engagements with 39 social justice organizations and consistently received highly favorable evaluation ratings. As FACT prepared to spend down in 2010, social justice organizations and funders alike expressed the need to continue MAP in some way. As a result of this demand from the field RoadMap was born with two seasoned consultants, Emily Goldfarb and Elsa Ríos, as its initial Co-Directors.

RoadMap exists to provide this support through high-impact, relevant and integrated consulting services. As a team of capacity-builders “indigenous” to social justice and movement-building, we understand the organizational goals, strategies, structures and cultures particular to social justice organizations. As such, we are able to engage deeply with clients to provide precisely tailored capacity-building that fits their needs. In doing so, RoadMap helps fill a broader need in the social justice sector: The need for relevant organizational development and coaching support applied through a framework that both embodies and advances social justice.

In addition to providing coaching and consulting services, RoadMap serves as a forum for peer exchange and innovation, developing and testing new strategies to help build the social justice sector as a whole.[1]

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