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Seattle Democratic Socialists of America is a Washington affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America


In 2016 Bill Yates was contact for Seattle Democratic Socialists of America. In most of 2017 it was Andrej Markovcic.

Co-chair resigns

In May 2018, one of Seattle Democratic Socialists of America co-chairs, KJ Moon, made the decision to resign from his position for personal reasons.[1]

Seattle DSA National Convention Delegate Candidates 2019

2017 National Convention delegates


Timothy Sears, back table Hawaiian shirt, Andrej Markovcic white t shirt , Ash Clark, tattoos, front table.

Defending Chinese "working class"

In April 2018, a group of Seattle Democratic Socialists of America activists was upset with a Democratic Left article on China by long time comrade Daniel Adkins.[3]

As organizers, members, and officials within DSA, we affirm a commitment to internationalism. We insist on solidarity with the working class and oppressed people everywhere, regardless of nationality. We assert that Democratic Left’s recent publication of “The Future China-U.S. Competition and Democratic Socialism” by Daniel Adkins was both irresponsible and morally inexcusable. Furthermore, it flies in the face of DSA’s express opposition to national chauvinism.
In its public statement “Where We Stand”, DSA proclaims the need for socialism within the U.S. to “adopt the internationalism of the socialist tradition” and calls for a “humane international social order.” Further on, it states that the “basis of cooperation for fighting [transnational capital] must be forged across borders from its inception. Economic nationalism and other forms of chauvinism will doom any expanded anti-corporate agenda.” In other words, DSA expressly opposes national chauvinism and embraces the internationalist perspective.
It’s therefore shocking that Democratic Left would publish a piece that bills democratic socialism as a means to solidifying U.S. global domination in the face of China’s growing influence. In the opening to his piece Adkins asserts his thesis: “The US will become second if left to its current politics and the goals of its 1%. To compete with mercantilism, our nation needs to be organized by democratic socialism whose goal is to empower its entire people, not just the 1%”. This statement not only makes troubling allusions to our nation and its people, but calls for empowering them in order to not fall second to China. Further on, Adkins insists again that a “democratic socialist US would compete better with a mercantilist China.” This America First stance is national chauvinist to the core. It pits the U.S. working class against the Chinese working class.
We hereby demand the following:
  • An immediate removal of the piece from Democratic Left and any other DSA publication
  • A full accounting of the editorial process that allowed such a piece to be published in the first place and a plan to prevent such missteps in the future
  • A statement published on DSA’s blog in due time affirming a commitment to internationalism, acknowledging that the Adkins piece should not have been published, and refusing to publish pieces promoting national chauvinist or anti-Chinese perspectives in the future

Working Group/Caucus signatories

Individual Member signatories

Seattle DSA Monthly General Meeting


Seattle DSA Monthly General Meeting Hosted by Seattle Democratic Socialists of America.

Thursday, May 4 2017 at 7 PM - 9 PM PDT

Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122

Invited on Facebook



El Salvador meeting

A 1990 DSA general meeting heard Doctors Dan Erikson and Susan Doederlin, who were in El Salvador last fall, and Wayne Iverson of Seattle CI5PES, speak about new efforts to oppose US intervention in that country,[5]

Anti War Forum

Seattle Democratic Socialists of America held a forum February 10, 1991 on "The Impact of the Middle East War in the United States: The Economy, Communities of Color, Health Care."

Speakers included DSAer Steve Rose, economist and Juan Bocanegra, director, Downtown Human Services Council.[6]


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