Andrej Markovcic

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Andrej Markovcic

Andrej Markovcic was, in 2017, spokesman for Seattle Democratic Socialists of America.[1]

DSA At-Large Delegate list

DSA At-Large Delegates, 2019 Convention included Andrej Markovcic Washington/Netherlands.


Andrej Markovcic, a UW double major in Philosophy and History (BA 2013) and student of Slovene, is the winner of the 2012 Joseph Velikonja Undergraduate Prize, awarded by the Society for Slovene Studies for the year’s best essay or research paper in any discipline written by a U.S. or Canadian undergraduate on a topic involving Slovene studies. Andrej’s paper, “The Nietzschean Ideal in Vladimir Bartol’s Al-Araf,” was based on a close reading of this often overlooked 1935 collection of short stories in which Bartol’s narrator explores various real life misapplications of what the book’s characters wrongly assume to be Nietzschean thought. Andrej will be spending a post-graduation year in Slovenia.[2]

DSA chair


Portland DSA Facebook group

Members of Portland Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook page, as of September 24 2017 included Andrej Markovcic.

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Andrej Markovcic.[3]

Editorial team

The Stacks Editorial team December 2018

Ella Mahony, John Speranza, Ajmal Alami, Rachel Johnson, Andrej Markovcic, Zoe Holden, Stephen Gose.[4]

The Call

The Call, 2018 contributing editors included Andrej Markovcic.


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