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Philip Locker is a Para-educator sub at Seattle Public Schools.

Reform and Revolution

Philip Locker January 13 2019·


James Whitney Kahn: Today, two days before the 100th anniversary of the assassination of inspiring revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, we decided to name our upcoming Marxist magazine "Reform and Revolution," the answer to the crisis of capitalism famously given by Luxemburg. We need to fight for every reform under capitalism, and at the same time prepare for the inevitable sociali... See More — with Jeremy Thornes, Stan Strasner, Rebekah Liebermann, Stuart Strader, S. Parent and James Whitney Kahn.

Pacific Northwest conference

Eric Wimer April 7 2019:


Just finished up with the Pacific Northwest conference, and this one was particularly cool, because I'm not the organizer for this region, so I got to learn so much about the work these chapters are doing. Folks showed up in mass, put together some sessions that taught me a lot, and are already planning the work with each other that will take us towards democratic socialism. Each one of these chapters has a historic opportunity in this moment, and we intend to seize it.

Thank you to Geno for the photo and to the regional team of Portland Democratic Socialists of America and fellow PNW chapter volunteers that put together such a smooth and successful conference!

Tag yourself, tag your friends! — with Kaitlin Marone, Sage Jones, Wale Ogundipe, Philip Locker, Emily Golden-Fields and Paige Kreisman.