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Rebecca Hornstein

Rebecca Hornstein worked at the North Shore Labor Council of Massachusetts. Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In a relationship with Jonathon Feinberg.

Is the daughter of Frank Hornstein.

She is a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Liberation Road.


Studies at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

Twin Cities March Against Monsanto

Leewana Thomas, May 2013 · with Rebecca Hornstein and Miranda Adams at Twin Cities March Against Monsanto

"Understanding and Confronting Anti-Semitism"

"Understanding and Confronting Anti-Semitism" was posted on the Freedom Road Socialist Organization website in April 2019. This post was written by Jonathon Feinberg, and edited by Rebecca Hornstein. Jonathon grew up Jewish in the south, and now works as a labor and community organizer building working-class power in Massachusetts. Rebecca is an experienced labor, community, and Jewish anti-occupation organizer now training to be a Rabbi. Both are deeply inspired by an ongoing history of Jewish movements against fascism and for socialism and self determination for all people.


Both are Freedom Road Socialist Organization cadre.

Antisemitism plays a powerful role in contemporary US politics, in the right wing, in the general public, and in our movement spaces. For the far-right ‘New Confederacy’ and its increasingly public and violent white supremacist/nationalist vanguard, antisemitism is a core ideological foundation. In the general public, antisemitism has been falsely equated with taking stances against the state of Israel, and Jews are being used as political pawns. For social movements and the left, antisemitism is often confusing or difficult to see, or worse, openly unchallenged and propagated.
This piece comes out of a process to make sense of the brutal attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue by white nationalist Robert Bowers on October 27, 2018. Bowers attacked a synagogue because he believed that these congregants’ refugee aid work presented a dire threat to white society. Originally setting out to convey difficult emotions and call for support and unity around the slaughter of 11 praying congregants, research and further conversation with comrades and the NEC pushed us to offer an analysis of contemporary antisemitism in our political context, and why we as FRSO should confront it.[1]

Revolutionary Strategies to Beat the Rising Right Wing

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Revolutionary Strategies to Beat the Rising Right Wing, was a nationwide conference call organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Sunday October 30, 2016.

What's the nature of this right-wing threat? What has this election cycle changed about the political terrain we're fighting on? How do we need to prepare for whats coming after the election? Hear about these crucial questions from our panel of top political strategists, including Nelini Stamp, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Linda Burnham, and Sendolo Diaminah.

Those indicating they would attend, on Facebook included Rebecca Hornstein.[2]

Now What? Defying Trump and the Left's Way Forward


Now What? Defying Trump and the Left's Way Forward was a phone in webinar organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization in the wake of the 2016 election.

Now what? We’re all asking ourselves that question in the wake of Trump’s victory. We’ve got urgent strategizing and work to do, together. Join Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson of the Movement for Black Lives and Freedom Road, Calvin Cheung-Miaw, Jodeen Olguin-Taylor of Mijente and WFP, Joe Schwartz of the Democratic Socialists of America, and Sendolo Diaminah of Freedom Road for a discussion of what happened, and what we should be doing to build mass defiance. And above all, how do we build the Left in this, which we know is the only solution to the crises we face?

This event will take place Tuesday November 15, 2016 at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Pacific.

Those saying they would attend, on Facebook included Rebecca Hornstein.[3]

Old friends

Leewana Thomas September 29, 2017 ·

  1. flashbackfriday to that time Rebecca Hornstein & I got to #findwhatfeelsgood with the real live Adriene Mishler ✌️🙏💜 AND NOW IT'S ADRIENE'S BIRTHDAY! Jai namaste to the yoga revolutionary who keeps us all going in these troubled times.

PS thx Loretta Cantieri for the benji + mica shirt - it got me a lot of OG cred

PPS bottom right is me telling her that I have an army of organizer friends who would campaign if she ever wants to run for public office

Yoga With Adriene — with Sandra Jeong, Rachel Clausen and Rebecca Hornstein at The Fillmore Philadelphia.


Rebecca Hornstein September 22, 2018:


Creepy babes only 🌚 — with Leewana Thomas, Nicole Kligerman and Kathleen Brower.

Jewish Solidarity Caucus

Members of the Jewish Solidarity Caucus Members, Facebook group, as of February 8, 2018 included Rebecca Hornstein.[4]


Rebecca Hornstein June 26, 2018:


With Eli Vered, Noah Schoen, Rebecca Millberg, Elliya Cutler, Emily Dora, Eliza Kaplan, Lily Ann, Roz Freeman, Aliza Schwartz, Michelle Weiser, Helen Bennett, Aidan Orly, Liz Krushnic, Jonathon Feinberg, Leslie Goldstone Orly, Becky Wasserman, Devra Goldstein, Alyssa Rubin, Davida Ginsberg, Hannah Weinronk and Nadav David.