Leslie Goldstone Orly

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Leslie Goldstone Orly

Occupied Territories


In June 2016 Haley Kossek spent three weeks in Israel and the occupied West Bank.

"The photos have sat in a folder in my phone, untouched: the cages over windows of homes on Shuhuda Street in Hebron, where Palestinians have continued living defiantly in the face of settler violence and a military blockade on Palestinian foot traffic; the old red f..." — with Micah Shapiro, Aliza Schwartz, Seth Woody, Cicia Lee, Laura Mistretta, Ilana Hoff, Kelly Kossar, Ally Little, Stephanie Seller, Ariel Branz, Michaela Caplan, Phoebe Gardener, Adam Schutzman, Leah Susman, Emily Unger, Lydia Strand, Felicia Kazer, Michelle Weiser, Sarah Miriam Revesz, Helen Bennett, Shaina Kasper, Becky Wasserman and Sarah Rose O'Connor.