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Pierre Marshall is a leading member of the Young Communist League of Britain.

Party positions

Present party positions: branch secretary of Leicester CPB; member of national CPB IT committee, international committee, and Popular Sovereignty Commission: member of YCL Executive Committee and international committee; co-op member of Manifesto Press; attended the YCL summer camp in 2009 and joined CPB in 2010. Short break in membership in 2014-15 when living abroad; Member of UCU, and Unite Community. Attends Leicester University; aged 26 years. [1]

"Imperialism v working class"


November 2021 Bill Greenshields, Moz Greenshields, Andy Till, David Grove, Bill Myers, Joe Clark, Marios Doucas, Sonya Robotham, Carol Stavris, Pablo, Stephen Hatcher, Dick Banker, Carrie Hedderwick took part in a Communist Party of Britain: Midlands Communists William Paul Society webinar "Imperialism v working class" with Joginder Bains and Roger McKenzie, Oliver Dodd, Pierre Marshall and Assadullah Keshtmand from Afghanistan .[2]



In 2020 the Young Communist League of Britain was represented at the General Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, by Comrade Pierre Marshall, member of the YCL Executive Committee from Oxford.[3]

Midlands communists

Midlands District Communist Party. Report of the Midlands District Congress – January 11th 2020.

"Also during the period since last District Congress, challenges to the maintenance of Party life in both the Leicestershire & District branch and the Nottinghamshire and North Lincolnshire branch arose. Some of this was related to ageing of the membership and some to instability of younger members joining and leaving with bewildering rapidity. A particular concern has been a drift to the Labour Party.

Three comrades, two from Leicester & District and one from Nottinghamshire and North Lincolnshire branches, were issued with standing invitations to attend the D.C. until district congress. These comrades attended meetings as they could but also maintained closer contact with the district leadership as a result. Work is ongoing to continue direct assistance in maintaining self-reliant units of Party operations, with an increasing sense of confidence and outreach activity in both areas becoming evident. The district committee recently reiterated its view that all efforts need to be focused on rebuilding local activity in the catchment areas of these constituted branches.

Early in 2019, the D.C. took the view that it could be relatively easily done to ensure meetings of some of the comrades take place in Leicester and this proved to be the case. The District Secretary met with Arvinder Singh Kandola to ensure both social media and basic branch administration was kept up with and subsequently he and he and Pierre Marshall (twice) attended District Committee meetings as invited visitors." [4]

Leicestershire delegates

Report of the Midlands District Communist Party of Britain Congress – January 11th 2020.

Leicestershire & District delegates: Pierre Marshall.[5]

Information Technology Committee

Report of the Midlands District Communist Party of Britain Congress – January 11th 2020.

"This is ad hoc group of Bob Bonner, Pierre Marshall, Oliver Dodd, Chris Chesworth, James McLelland, Joanne Stevenson, and any YCLer recommended by the YCL Regional Organiser, has been set up by the DC, with the District Secretary assisting."[6]

UJPE conference 2019


YCL exec

The Executive Committee (“EC”) of the Young Communist League of Britain is pleased to announce that three new comrades will be joining the EC following a meeting of our Central Committee on 26 October 2019.

The nominations of comrades Morgan Horn (Glasgow), Pierre Marshall (Midlands) and Michael Quinn (Lanarkshire) were unanimously approved by the Central Committee of the League last Saturday at the meeting held Communist Party HQ, Ruskin House, Croydon. Comrades Owain Holland and Julio Romero Johnson have now stepped down from the EC and we express our sincere thanks for their devotion and contribution to the struggle. We wish them the very best success as they continue as YCL and Communist Party of Britain cadres.

CPB school


May 2018 John Hendy with Alex Gordon, Tony Conway, Rhys McCarthy, Ann Field, Pierre Marshall, Elly Baker Daragh O'Neill.

Die Linke

In 2015 Pierre Marshall was a member of Die Linke in Germany.[7]

21st Century Marxism


21st Century Marxism was convened by the Communist Party of Britain 21st and 22nd July 2012, Bishopsgate Institute London.

"How to use social media" with Pierre Marshall, Ben Stevenson.[8]