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Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert of the Durham North Carolina Workers World Party branch stated the awakening of our class requires the building of a revolutionary party, especially at a time when the economic crisis is forcing many in the working class to reconsider their role in history. Gilbert discussed his own political evolution and the role of the Party in his development, and urged all present to join WWP. Gilbert stressed the need for a genuine Marxist party to consistently put its theory into practice and to always be in the struggle.[1]

Peter Gilbert is a Staff Attorney Legal Aid of North Carolina. [2]

Peter Gilbert was graduated from Yale University in 2003. He has been active in labor, anti-war, and environmental justice since childhood. He was a union organizer for the UFCW campaign to win unions at Smithfield from 2005-2006. Peter graduated UNC Law in 2009 with high honors. During law school Peter twice co-chaired the annual Conference on Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity. Upon graduation, Peter served as law clerk to the Honorable Judge William Osteen, Jr. in the Middle District of North Carolina. He worked for 4 years as a legal fellow at the UNC Center for Civil Rights with a focus on school desegregation, excluded communities, and environmental racism. Peter authored “The State of Exclusion,” a report on the legacy of housing segregation on political power, school districts, and environmental racism across North Carolina. Currently, he works for Legal Aid of North Carolina in Durham with a focus on housing and eviction defense. This year he was selected to participate in the Shriver Center’s Racial Justice Training Institute. He also serves on the board of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network.[3]

He is the partner of Elena Everett.


University of North Carolina School of Law.[4]

SVA Board of Directors

Southern Vision Alliance board of directors, September 2017;

Donors and monthly sustainers Durham Solidarity Center

Supporters of Durham Solidarity Center.

People’s Durham, Vision 2.0 Tech, Workers World Party, Youth Organizing Institute.

Zaina Alsous, Felicia Arriaga, Ben Carroll, Ben Crawford, Jason Cross, Alissa Ellis, Elena Everett, Peter Gilbert, Susie Goodman, Luke Hirst, Jillian Johnson, Andy Koch, Roxane Kolar, Jonathan Kotch, Jodi Lasseter, Connie Leeper, Fernando Martinez, Eva Panjwani, Josh Reynolds, Cathey Stanley, Dante Strobino, E. Swan, Tamara Tal, Rachel Valentine.[6]

Statue teardown

More protesters were arrested Wednesday August 15 2017, for participating in a demonstration that toppled a Confederate statue in North Carolina, and more monuments were vandalized as well.

The statue in Durham came down Monday night when a protester Takiyah Thompson climbed a ladder to attach a rope and others on the ground pulled the bronze soldier from its pedestal.

On Wednesday morning, Dante Strobino and Ngoc Loan Tran were led away in handcuffs when they came to a court hearing for Takiyah Thompson, the woman who climbed the ladder. Another demonstrator, Peter Gull Gilbert, was arrested later.

The Durham County Sheriff’s office said all four arrested so far were charged with two felonies related to inciting and participating in a riot that damaged property, along with two misdemeanors.[7]