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Eva Panjwani

Eva Panjwani is a Durham North Carolina Workers World Party member. She is Executive Administrative Assistant at Residential Services, Inc. (RSI) Durham, North Carolina.

She is the partner of Qasima Wideman.


Studied at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Worked at International Action Center.

WWP member

In 2012 Eva Panjwani was part of the Workers World Party in Durham North Carolina. [1]

Donors and monthly sustainers Durham Solidarity Center

Supporters of Durham Solidarity Center.

People’s Durham, Vision 2.0 Tech, Workers World Party, Youth Organizing Institute.

Zaina Alsous, Felicia Arriaga, Ben Carroll, Ben Crawford, Jason Cross, Alissa Ellis, Elena Everett, Peter Gilbert, Susie Goodman, Luke Hirst, Jillian Johnson, Andy Koch, Roxane Kolar, Jonathan Kotch, Jodi Lasseter, Connie Leeper, Fernando Martinez, Eva Panjwani, Josh Reynolds, Cathey Stanley, Dante Strobino, E. Swan, Tamara Tal, Rachel Valentine.[2]

Forum: Challenging Islamophobia and Racism


November 16, 2015 Public Forum: Challenging racism and Islamophobia. Where: Cumberland County Public Library, 300 Maiden Lane, Fayetteville, NC.

Speeches/presentations by: Manzoor Cheema, Zaina Alsous, Beth Bruch, Eva Panjwani and Ahmad Jitan.

Background: We are witnessing an increase in Islamophobia (a hatred of Islam, Muslims and people who appear as Muslims) and attacks on people of color in North Carolina and around the country. North Carolina-based organization Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia (MERI) will organize a forum to discuss how to challenge Islamophobia and racism.

Sponsored by: Quaker House, North Carolina Conference United Methodist Missions Team, Cumberland County Library, Cumberland County Progressives, NAACP, Democracy NC, Fayetteville and Cumberland County Black Leadership Conference, NC League of Conservation Voters, Human Relations Commission, Masjid Omar Ibn Sayyid, and Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia, Muslims for Social Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace – NC, Black Workers for Justice, NC Justice Center, Abrahamic Initiative on the Middle East (AIME), Methodist Federation for Social Action – NC Chapter, Peace Committee of Chapel Hill Friends Meeting, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Balance and Accuracy in Journalism.

Contact: Lynn Newsom, Manzoor Cheema.

"Durham Beyond Policing Town Hall"

1104 Broad St, Durham, Tuesday 9 February 2016 "Durham Beyond Policing Town Hall" organized by Jade Brooks.

We are calling all freedom-fighters, all justice-lovers, all truth-tellers, all who can't wait to please join Southerners On New Ground and the #SayHerName crew for a community forum and visioning session. Let's speak our truths and sow the seeds of a new way forward for all our people, with those most impacted, most criminalized, at the center: black and brown people, queer, trans and gender non-conforming folks, working class and poor people, undocumented people ... Let's dream and scheme together and find out ways to throw down for campaigns and direct action that holds the cops accountable

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Jillian Johnson, Dante Strobino, James Cersonsky, Nikhil Umesh, Ben Wilkins, Jade Brooks, Marcus R. Bass, Joe Stapleton, Kristen Cox, Hannah Spector, Jose Romero, Nancy Caamano, China Medel, Scott Michael, Alex Biggers, Destiny Hemphill, Cat Crowe, Monique Laborde, Tobi Lippin, Amy Wang, Mitch Xia, Xander Stewart, Smiley Boyd, Mina Ezikpe, Ethan Tyler, Jess Dilday, Jonathan Henderson, Alex Chassanoff, Jacky Chan, Margaret A. Brunson, Alissa Ellis, Magdalene Slerlisk, Saba Taj, Le'Andre Demond Blakeney, Doneatha Green, Kaylan Baxter, Destiny Hemphill, D’atra Jackson, Amy Glaser, Eliza Meredith, Gregory Williams, Victoria Bouloubasis, Umar Salute Muhammad, Patricia Bass, Gen Na, Regan Downey Buchanan, Chanelle Croxton, Ben Carroll, Patrick Snipes, Jess Issacharoff, Mariah Monsanto, Alex Biggers, Jojo Moto, Zachary Faircloth, Sarah Pederson, Stef Bernal-Martinez, Bro Beasley, Ben Wilkins, Jessica Pierce, Isa Bee, Jessica Jude, Tony Hood, Mindy Isser, Rachel Alexis Storer, Moses Ochola, Ade Oh, Lisa Sorg, Blanche Amelia S. Brown, Shilpi Misra, Scott Michael, Afi Apefa Bello, Mary Alta, Anastasia Karkliņa, Lizzie Lindsey, Holly Hardin, Matilda Wormwood, Eli Viszk, Wutang McDougal, Andrew Heil, Fern Hickey, Philip Marschall, Catherine Berman, Bex Kolins, Jen Przewoznik, Equashia Mumin, Eva Panjwani, India Pierce, Sandra Korn, Risa Foster, Ngọc Loan Tran, Eli Meyerhoff, Shanna Ochola, Serena Sebring, Ajamu Dillahunt, Jr., Nagwa Nukuna, Jina Valentine.[3]

SURJ workshop

A workshop titled “Disrupting Islamophobia” was presented to the members of SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) Triangle. This workshop was facilitated by Qasima Wideman, Eva Panjwani and Manzoor Cheema, February 28, 2016.[4]

Left Forum 2016

On the Frontlines: Queer People of Color Fighting for Socialism in the US South

In the US South, a growing movement of queer people of color have been rising up against the reactionary, oppressive status quo. The recent struggles against North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ laws, as well as the struggle against racist police terror and the movement against Donald Trump's racist Presidential campaign, have all been flashpoints in the effort to shut down bigotry and oppression in the South. These activists have been on the frontline in the movements to fight back against oppression and to fight for a revolutionary solution, socialism. Loan Tran, Workers World Party Eva Panjwani, Queer Trans People of Color Coalition, Durham, NC

Sponsoring Journal: Workers World

Muslims for Social Justice


In May 2016 Eva Panjwani and Qasima Wideman accepted an award on behalf of Muslims for Social Justice, from Black Workers for Justice.