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Elizabeth Simpson

Template:TOCnestleft Elizabeth Simpson is a North Carolina activist. She earned her law degree from Yale Law School in 2009. She currently works at North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, where she focuses primarily on civil rights litigation challenging the conditions of solitary confinement in the state prison system and the adequacy of mental health care. She is also litigating the parole procedures afforded to prisoners serving life sentences for crimes committed while they were juveniles. Prior to this position, Elizabeth worked at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, where she represented undocumented immigrants, especially in challenges to the use of evidence obtained in the course of racial profiling by local police and immigration authorities. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked for the community organizing group, ACORN, participating in a ballot referendum campaign that secured over 1 million petition signatures in the course of raising Florida’s minimum wage and pegging the rate to inflation so that it continues to rise once per year. She has worked as a Catholic Worker, a grant writer, and in media communications, and she is the mother of two children.[1]

Manages Carolina Justice Policy Center.

Married to Nicholas Graber-Grace.

SVA Board of Directors

Southern Vision Alliance board of directors, September 2017;