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Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson is a member of Anchorage Democratic Socialists of America.[1]

He is also the vice-president for of the Anchorage Democrats.[2]

Backing Begich

Michael Patterson in the Juneau Empire, Friday, September 14, 2018:[3]

As an Alaskan, a parent, an Iraq War Veteran, a person of color and a Democratic socialist I will be voting for Begich and Call. Because not only do they represent the values I want to see in government, they also are part of a larger breaking story about the state of politics in Alaska. There is a progressive revolution unfolding, rippling through Alaska’s working class as candidates like Begich and Call speak to the issues that matter to the majority of Alaskans. It’s just starting and the foundation of this movement is only beginning to take shape but it’s there and it will only get bigger. I believe that Begich and Call are a part of this movement.

NPC candidate

In August 2017 Maxine Phillips stood for election to the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee, at the National Convention in Chicago, from Anchorage Democratic Socialists of America.[4]

I moved to Alaska when I was an infant. I had the typical Alaskan life: fishing, camping and struggling to make ends meet. At one point I remember only having powdered milk and bread to eat. I did not take an interest into politics until the attacks on 9/11, I was only 11 at the time. At 17 I enlisted in the Army as a Human Intelligence Collector. I deployed as Special Forces military intelligence support to Iraq in 2008 and was discharged from the Army in 2011. 3 months later I found myself at Occupy D.C pitching a tent in the middle of McPherson Square. After the camp was attacked and destroyed, I returned to Alaska and worked low-wage jobs, became a father and studied Socialist theory. I’m now Co-chair of the Anchorage DSA and running on the Praxis team (https://dsapraxis.org/) along with Ravi Ahmad, R.L. Stephens, Leslie Driskill, Celeste Earley, Allie Cohn and Zac Echola.
DSA finds itself in a historic moment. There exists the real opportunity to build a diverse, dynamic and Revolutionary Left in the United States. It is imperative that we as Socialists confront Capitalism from the small town to the big city. I’m running for the NPC because as an Iraq War Veteran I strongly believe with the most solid conviction that DSA is morally obligated to confront Imperialism. As someone who once carried out Imperialist aggression in Iraq, I have an intimate understanding of how it functions. Imperialism is not only an international issue but one that has great implications domestically as well. The last 500 years has seen a “War on Terror” against Black (War on Drugs) and Indigenous (Manifest Destiny) peoples. As a Black man with an Unangan child I refuse to allow Imperialist terror dictate the circumstances of my life or that of my child If Black Lives do Matter and we want to Protect the Sacred then DSA has no other option but to combat the tyranny of Imperialism here and abroad.
My Comrades in Praxis understand that oppression is multifaceted and that Socialism must be ready to combat Capitalism on many fronts. That is why I’m running for NPC because the strategy and motivating principles behind the Praxis platform provide the confidence and insight necessary to build up DSA. A vote for me is a vote for Praxis. We can not confront Capitalism as individuals but as a collective and Praxis is the embodiment of that Revolutionary effort toward Liberation.
As Co-Chair of Anchorage DSA I helped organize protests condemning escalation against North Korea and Syria. I’m also a member of the DSA Veteran’s Working Group and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. In January, I and one other Comrade organized a protest against Trump’s first attempt at instituting a ban on Muslims. With only a day to organize we rallied over 350 Alaskans on a cold winter night and took over the ice covered streets of downtown to loudly proclaim that refugees were welcome in Anchorage.[5]

DSA Sunshine Solidarity Irma Relief Planning

DSA Sunshine Solidarity Irma Relief Planning is a Florida Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group.

A place for Florida DSA Chapters and OC's to coordinate statewide effort for Hurricane Irma planning and relief.[6]

Members included Michael Patterson.

DSA Veterans Working Group Statement on Afghanistan

The Democratic Socialists of America Veterans Working Group harshly condemns President Trump’s plan to continue the sixteen-year occupation of Afghanistan.
August 22, 2017
Americans must ask themselves: what have the hundreds of billions of dollars spent; the deaths of more than 2,000 American servicemembers, more than 100,000 Afghans, and unknown numbers of suicides or trauma related deaths; the stains upon our conscience, the torture, abuse, murder, and waste in Afghanistan brought us? The answer is nothing. The war is lost and has been for years. People are dying to secure the legacy and bank accounts of career officers and politicians whose ideas failed over a decade ago. The only solution is total and immediate withdrawal of all military forces from Afghanistan.

Thus, in the name of peace for both our American and Afghan brothers and sisters, our comrades who span every person-made border we say WITHDRAW.

Signatories included;

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Michael Patterson was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.

DSA Dank Meme Stash

Democratic Socialists of America Dank Meme Stash was a closed Facebook page affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

Members, September 1, 2017 included Michael Patterson ..