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Democratic Socialists of America Dank Meme Stash is a closed Facebook page affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.



This is not for "social media graphic design". This is for Pepe, Gnome Child, and Michael Harrington in sunglasses. Get meming.


1. No soliciting, except for soliciting people to join DSA or do organizing stuff. 2. Keep posts and comments civil. We're all comrades here. 3. Be a comrade here. Feds, libertarians and right-wing infiltrators not allowed. No trashing/trolling DSA or promoting other socialist groups. 4. DSA's kind of socialism is democratic, feminist, anti-racist, trans-inclusive and internationalist. Zero tolerance for racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, Anti-Semitic, ableist or xenophobic language. If you think making jokes like that is "edgy", we recommend trying the Gary Johnson DMS instead. 5. This should go without saying, but no classist stereotypes of poor white people. C'mon, that's for elitist Hillbots. We're socialists trying to build a working-class mass movement. On the other hand, classism against the capitalists is 👍✔️💯💯💯 6. We're also not Stalinist or Maoist so take it easy on that stuff. General trashing of capitalism, bigotry, and establishment politics is a-okay. 7. No posts praising neoliberals/Democratic Party establishment people like Obama. We're the opposition. Let's stay on target here, ppl. 8. This page is mostly for sharing sarcastic/funny memes, not for debating issues. If it ain't dank, no thank.

Also note that this is not an official page of the DSA, and any and all statements, memes, and comments on it should not be taken to reflect the positions or policies of the DSA.[1]

Members, September 1, 2017