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Kentucky Jobs with Justice is a broad-based coalition of community groups, faith-based organizations and labor unions united to promote, protect and improve the quality of life of all workers by empowering individuals and organizations to engage in collective action for economic and social justice.

KY JwJ was founded in 1992 when community and church activists joined to support UNITE! in a fight for fair contract for workers against Louisville Manufacturing. KY JwJ has since grown to a coalition of more than 50 organizational members and 1800 individual activists who have pledged to "be there five times for someone else's fight as well as my own.[1]

KYJwJ Leadership

Kentucky Jobs with Justice leadership, as of 2014;

Executive Director - Bonifacio Aleman

Board of Directors

Pushback Network

As at April 12, 2010, the following served on the Pushback Network Steering Committee:[3]

Action Lines

Jobs with Justice Kentucky Chapter July 19, 2014.

Have you picked up your copy of Action Lines -Summer 2014 edition (our newsletter)?

HINT: you can pick up copies on Monday, July 21st at Smokey's Bean between 7am-5pm!.

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October 10, 2014; ·

#Louisville's #HealthyStart program functions primarily in #WestLouisville, serving over 8,000 families in the past 16 years, lowering the infant mortality rate to 7.4% (compared to a rate of 14.4% of non-participants in the areas served).

We need your help to save the program today!! See More — with Pam Pirrmann Brunner, Sandy Balsley Mayes, Christina Gaines, Siglinde Perry, Jaison Ashley Gardner, Corinsa Smith, SayRah Wilburn-Clark, Khalilah Veneable Collins, Ebony O'Rea, Mikal Forbush, Dave Robertson, Ellie Kerstetter, Chris Nichols, Shameka Parrish, Jessie Potish Whitish, Mark Irwin, Chanelle Helm, Rahel Neirene, Pastor Aletha Sweatt Fields, Lauren Adams Ogden, Janice Rucker, Stephanie Pearce Burke, Quaniqua Carthan, Howard Owens, Pam Newman, Darryl Ju'an Young, Jr., Emma Dill, Wesley Stover, Jackie Floyd, Eboni Nc, Elisabeth Michelle, Salīm Mujahid Islam, Erica Wilen O'Brien, Jamieca Jones, Neal Cotton, Doanta Davis, Maureen Bacon, Chyna Cg Pro Johnson, Becki Winchel, Bonifacio Aleman, Nicole Aghaaliandastjerdi, Adrienne von Irvine, Netra Edwards, Cheketa Tinsley, David Lott, Noelle Tennis Gulden, Michael R. Hicks, Lavel D. White and Barbie Helton.