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Karla Zombro leads the statewide organizing, capacity-building and civic engagement work of California Calls, an alliance of 30 grassroots, community-based organizations spanning urban, rural and suburban counties across the state. Prior to Calls, Zombro worked at Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE) in South Los Angeles, where she helped recruit and grow SCOPE’s membership base and community leadership as well as developing and winning key policy campaigns. During her time with SCOPE, she designed a curriculum on Civic Engagement organizing for community groups that has been used across the country and is the core of California Calls’ training program.

Open Letter to the Biden Campaign on “Unprepared”

Open Letter to the Biden Campaign on “Unprepared” was released May 12 2020.

":Our demands: The country’s greatest priority at this moment is to beat the COVID-19 crisis, and this requires embracing principles of antiracist solidarity and international cooperation. The Biden campaign can and should beat Trump and the GOP with a message centered on our real public health needs and the progressive values that are required to meet those needs. The “Unprepared” ad must be taken down, and all campaign messaging that fuels anti-Asian racism and China-bashing must end. We refuse to allow the Biden campaign to sacrifice our dignity in the name of political expediency."

Signatories included Karla Zombro, Vice President of Field Strategy, California Calls.


California Calls December 6, 2017:


The California Calls alliance has BIG plans for 2018. We can't wait to tell you all about them. Join our email list to stay in the know: http://www.cacalls.org/sign-up/? — with Innercity Struggle, Jessamyn Sabbag, Monica Mariko Embrey, Karla Zombro, Sabrina Smith, Lucas Zucker, Kirk Samuels, Victor Suarez, Edgar Beltran, Lydia Avila, Tim Molina, Jessica Pace, Kevin Cosney, Community Coalition, Oakland Rising, San Francisco Rising Alliance, Dolores Huerta Foundation, Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE), Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE), Communities for a New California Action Fund, Working Partnerships USA, Courage Campaign, We Are California and ACCE Action.

Pushback Network

As at April 12, 2010, the following served on the Pushback Network Steering Committee:[1]