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David Lott

David J. Lott is a Kentucky activist. Medical Social Worker at Gentiva Hospice.


Studied at University of Louisville.

LOM Gay and Lesbian Conference

The invitation list for a mid '80s Line of March gay and lesbian conference included these names;

  • David Lott - Louisville.



In 1989 David Lott and David Anderson were members of the Louisville Frontline Committee.

In 1989, David Lott was Louisville correspondent for the Line of March's Frontline magazine. [1]

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 David Lott, Louisville Activist, Louisville, KY signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[2]

Kentucky Social Forum


Steve Pavey August 2, 2009; with Fredando Farmer Fredo Jackson, Christi H. Ketchum, Stephanie Guilloud, Tashia Bradley, Monica Hernandez, Pam McMichael, Doanta Davis, Andrew Kang Bartlett, Fran Tobin, Angelyn Rudd, Mary Brydon-Miller, Rochelle Arms, Chris Hartman, Erin Michelle Howard, Erica Smiley, Tanya Bernice Turner, Shannon Garth-Rhodes, Carol Kraemer, Shameka Parrish-Wright, Khalilah Veneable Collins, Christy Pardew, Esteban Bartlett, Josh Jennings, Jardana Peacock, Carla Wallace, Dave Newton, Gabriela Alcalde, Janet Jenkins Tucker, David Lott, Kay Tillow, Jackie Floyd, David Horvath, David O'Brien Suetholz, Ellen Braune and Judi Jennings.

Kentucky Alliance co-chair

In 2009 K. A. Owens, Kathleen Parks, David Lott were Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression co-chairs.[3]

Carl Braden Memorial Center Board

As of 2014 the board of the Carl Braden Memorial Center included;[4]



October 10, 2014; ·

#Louisville's #HealthyStart program functions primarily in #WestLouisville, serving over 8,000 families in the past 16 years, lowering the infant mortality rate to 7.4% (compared to a rate of 14.4% of non-participants in the areas served).

We need your help to save the program today!!

bit.ly/starthealthy... See More — with Pam Pirrmann Brunner, Sandy Balsley Mayes, Christina Gaines, Siglinde Perry, Jaison Ashley Gardner, Corinsa Smith, SayRah Wilburn-Clark, Khalilah Veneable Collins, Ebony O'Rea, Mikal Forbush, Dave Robertson, Ellie Kerstetter, Chris Nichols, Shameka L. Parrish-Wright, Jessie Potish Whitish, Mark Irwin, Chanelle Helm, Rahel Neirene, Pastor Aletha Sweatt Fields, Lauren Adams Ogden, Janice Rucker, Stephanie Pearce Burke, Quaniqua Carthan, Howard Owens, Pam Newman, Darryl Ju'an Young, Jr., Emma Dill, Wesley Stover, Jackie Floyd, Eboni Nc, Elisabeth Michelle, Salīm Mujahid Islam, Erica Wilen O'Brien, Jamieca Jones, Neal Cotton, Doanta Davis, Maureen Bacon, Chyna Cg Pro Johnson, Becki Winchel, Bonifacio Aleman, Nicole Aghaaliandastjerdi, Adrienne von Irvine, Netra Edwards, Cheketa Tinsley, David Lott, Noelle Tennis Gulden, Michael R. Hicks, Lavel D. White and Barbie Helton.


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