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Will Emmons

Will Emmons, was, in 2012, a Clerk at Appalachian Citizens' Law Center, Kentucky. Studies at University of Kentucky College of Law. Was in a Relationship with Alli Sehon.[1]

Now in a relationship with Meg Brown.


  • Studied at University of Kentucky College of Law
  • Studied Africana studies at Brown University
  • Went to Model Lab High School

Law career

US Social forum

In December 2008 Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America presented "Government as an Agent of Social Change" DSA National Director Frank Llewellyn, Young Democratic Socialists David Duhalde, Will Emmons, and Emahunn Campbell, DSAers from Atlanta and elsewhere, and even a representative of the Venezuelan Embassy gathered at the US Social Forum to discuss what governments can do to empower people and share examples.[2]

Democratic Socialists of America

On June 13, 2010, Boston Democratic Socialists of America presented its annual Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Award to "two champions of social justice and grassroots democracy, Georgia Hollister Isman and Jack Clark". Honorary Co-Chairs for the event were Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Robert Haynes, State Senator Patricia Jehlen and special guest Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz. Georgia Hollister Isman's award was presented by Andrea Miller of NARAL. Massachusetts AFL-CIO Vice-President Ed Collins and Janet Boguslaw from Brandeis University introduced the other honoree, Jack Clark, who then "entertained and informed us with a brief tour of U.S. Socialist history". David Knuttunen & Susan Davidoff were benefactors of the event.[3][4]

Will Emmons was a supporter of the event.

Supporting David Segal

In 2010 Rhode Island Young Democratic Socialists/Democratic Socialists of America member Will Emmons wrote an article "A progressive campaign on Rhode island" for the Boston Democratic Socialists of America newsletter The Yankee Radical (September) on David Segal's Rhode Island Congressional campaign.[5]

The David Segal campaign is going full steam ahead in the race to succeed Patrick Kennedy as the next Congressman from Rhode Island's First District. Segal, a Green-turned-Democrat former City Councilor and current State Representative, was first considered a long-shot candidate, but has recently shot up in the polls. Organized labor and working people are key parts of his agenda.

I first got to know Rep. Segal when he invited me to speak at a Rhode Island Statehouse lobbying effort against the State purchase of sweatshop-made apparel. He also provided me a couch when I spoke at Brown University on student-labor solidarity. His work has dealt with the full spectrum of progressive issues, from reforming Rhode Island's backwards probation laws, to fighting for public funding of elections, to bringing labor and environmental groups together in a Green Jobs coalition which could establish New England as a hub for green manufacturing. During this wave of Tea Party insurgency, it’s great to see a left-liberal candidate mobilizing young people and activists for social change.

He is running against the Providence machine and needs your support. There are opportunities to volunteer remotely from Boston and in Rhode Island as well. Those interested should contact Will Emmons at...

Will Emmons is a Rhode Island DSA–YDS member active in the Segal campaign.

Will Emmons of Brown University served as the volunteer organizer for the Segal state representative’s re-election campaign.[6]

2013 CCDS National Coordinating Committee

Will Emmons, Kentucky was elected in 2013 to the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism National Coordinating Committee;[7]

Friends of Sean Monahan


November 28, 2013 Sean Monahan of Providence Democratic Socialists of America wished Happy Marxgiving! to a list of people Silvina Hdz, Henry Seiler, Alex Jones, Amanda Davis, Betsy Tammaro, Calli Nicole, Alex Gourevitch, PM Gutierrez, Ingrid Hjertaker, Catalina Arreaza, Remeike Forbes, Neal Meyer, Maria Svart, David Duhalde, Andrew Porter, Matthew Riley Porter, Bryan Michael, Daniel Hanson, Elizabeth Henderson, Jim Sullivan, Nate Wade, Joseph Schwartz, Michele Rossi, Benjamin Kreider, Jesse Butterfield, Chris Maisano, Peter Frase, Bhaskar Sunkara, Ian Lee, David Roddy, Andee Johanna Sunderland, Ryan Briles, Alex Deane, Sarah Slichter, Sarah Gollwitzer, Kasey Knopp, Daniel Adrian Santiago, Tatiana Guerrero, Betsy Avila, Mike McCabe, Trace Cabot, Will Emmons, Elena Blanc, Davey Scher, Deanna Gosling, Ian Georgianna, Jana Koehn, Jackie Sewell, JP Kaderbek, Kate McCreary, Lauren Hines, Karen Narefsky, Noah Baron, Tom DiNardo, Brynn Cassidy West, Emahunn Raheem Ali Campbell, Chris Hicks, Melinda Fiedler, Isabel Anreus, Elizabeth Pride, Beth Cozzolino, Donald Bryan Hopkins, Joshua Luther, Dan Ludwig, Alec Hudson, Kyle Hempe, Luis Caza, Brian Flowers, Sam Miller, Jacob Curry, Liz Wright, Phillip Logan, Justin Simons.

Action Lines

Jobs with Justice Kentucky Chapter July 19, 2014.

Have you picked up your copy of Action Lines -Summer 2014 edition (our newsletter)?

HINT: you can pick up copies on Monday, July 21st at Smokey's Bean between 7am-5pm!.

  1. SocialJustice — with David O'Brien Suetholz, John Paul Wright, DeeAnn Flaherty, Brent McKim, Barbie Helton, Tia Kurtisnger-Edison, Brian O'Neill, Tammy Berlin, Alicia Hurle, Jackie Floyd, Emma Dill, Lillian Williamson, Will Emmons, Sarah Zarantonello, Michele Hemenway, Shantii Waybrieal, Larry Hovekamp, Sandy Balsley Mayes, Donald Duncan, Jennifer R. Jewell, Pam Newman, Betty Jean Parsons Johnson, Teresa McGeeney, Becki Winchel, Dave Nothere, Debi Baldwin, Barbara Boyd, Erica Wilen O'Brien, Richard Becker, Robert Smith, SayRah Wilburn-Clark, Thomas Edward Pearce, Sarah Garrett, Netra Edwards, Jaison Ashley Gardner, Harold Embry, Neal Cotton, Eliot Zellers, Voting Rights for Former Felons - Kentucky and Service Workers for Justice.[8]

Kentucky Workers League event

Event in Lexington 140 E Main St,Lexington Monday 30 March 2015, 19:00 Organized by : Kentucky Workers League

Kentucky Workers League is a local group of socialists who serve the people and fight the power. We believe in a world where working people are in the driver's seat.
Do you want to: +meet like-minded people? +make a different in your community? +fight back against bad bosses and land lords? +learn about socialist ideas?
Come out and join us! We'll be going out for beers afterward and a number of comrades have already volunteered to buy the first round for newcomers.

Those signalling their intention to attend on Wherevent included Terry Allen, Meg Brown, Will Emmons, Jordan Mazurek, Justin Stanley, Greg Capillo, Steve Pavey, Nash Vega Whaley. [9]

In late 2017 Will Emmons was a Former Central Committee member Kentucky Workers League.[10]

Socialist Punk Caucus

Members of Democratic Socialists of America's Socialist Punk Caucus closed Facebook group, accessed November 24, 2017, included Will Emmons.[11]

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Will Emmons.[12]