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Danielle Purifoy is the editor of Scalawag. Lives in Durham, North Carolina.


  • Studies Environmental Policy at Duke University
  • Studied Law at Harvard University


Danielle Purifoy is a lawyer and Ph.D candidate in environmental policy at Duke University. She studies how structural racism creates environmental inequality in the South and brings these interests to her work as an editor for Scalawag.

Durham Beyond Policing Coalition

Manju Rajendran June 3 2019·

Tonight we will see you at Durham City Hall at 7pm to speak about the 2019-2020 budget. We will urge our Mayor and Council: no to the police chief’s proposed expansion of 72 new police officers over the next three years; yes to living wages for all public service workers; yes to the creation of a Community-Led Safety and Wellness Task Force; yes to fully funding existing programs that receive City of Durham support like the Eviction Diversion program and Welcome Home.

Wear red! Or rep for an organization you're a part of.


Join Durham Beyond Policing's FB page for updates. — with Annie Elizabeth Segrest, Mab Segrest, Beau Cromartie, El Tee, Mariah Monsanto, Undreya Hudson, Aaron Gamal, D'atra Jackson, L. Cole Parke, Ajamu Amiri Dillahunt, Ade Toyesi Ibijoke, Sandra Korn, Courtney Sebring, Aman Aberra, Danielle Purifoy, Mikel Barton, Nhawndie Smith, Nikki Brown and Serena Sebring.

Budget activists

Manju Rajendran May 20 ·

Tonight City Manager Tom Bonfield presented his proposed 2019-2020 budget to Durham City Council. We have 9 days to review the details, including his recommendation to hire 18 new police officers this year, before we bring our questions to the Durham City Council budget work sessions on May 29 & 30.


On Sunday, June 2nd, join us from 2-5:30pm at North Star Church of the Arts for Our City, Our Bud... See More — with Danielle Purifoy, Mab Segrest, Sarah Vukelich, Donald Quick, Mars Zigbuo Camara and Mariah Monsanto.


Zaina Alsous March 14, 2016 ·


My people my people ✊🏾 No new police headquarters on our watch! #DurhamBeyondPolicing — with Serena Sebring, Destiny Hemphill, Chanelle Croxton, Ade Toyesi Ibijoke, D'atra Jackson, Jade Brooks and Danielle Purifoy in Durham, North Carolina.

Black Lives Matter panel

North Carolina Public Workers Union, UE Local 150, organized biannual convention in Raleigh on July 16-17, 2016. Delegates from 16 workplaces from across the state gathered to discuss the current political landscape, to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and show important gains of the Fight for $15 movement and plan steps for the next 2 years of struggle! UE Local 150 is rank-and-file and predominantly Black workers led organization. Nationally, UE (United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America) is one of the most progressive unions in the country that believes in workers empowerment than business unionism. UE has embraced the movement for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israeli occupation, based on a motion by UE Local 150 chapter. This makes UE the only national union to adopt such a measure.

During the convention, a panel on Black Lives Matter and Ending Islamophobia was organized. This invited speeches by Danielle Purifoy from Durham Beyond Policing and Manzoor Cheema from Muslims for Social Justice. This panel explored the theme of police oppression and envisioning a future without policing. Islamophobia is an extension of anti-Black racism and it is increasingly employed as a divide-and-conquer strategy.[1]

Durham For All


Durham For All November 3, 2016

Danielle Purifoy, Zaina Alsous, Saba Taj and Mina Ezikpe.

""Introduction to Black feminism"

"Intro to Black Feminism" hosted by Sendolo Diaminah Cazembe Jackson, and Adrienne Maree Brown.

Tuesday, August 15 at 8:30 PM

Created for Black August Practice Group.

Sendolo Diaminah August 15, 2017;

Black people! Tonight my beloved sister Adrienne Maree Brown is leading a web discussion about Black Feminism as part of a series of Black August political education sessions hosted by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and BOLD.[2]

Those indicating they would attend on Facebook included Danielle Purifoy.

Black Ideological Struggle Webinar

Black Ideological Struggle: Radical, Liberal, Conservative Public · Hosted by Sendolo Diaminah and Cazembe Jackson

Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 8:30 PM

Created for Black August Practice Group

Join Sendolo Diaminah for a conversation about why Black radicals can and must learn how to effectively engage liberal and conservative ideologies among our people.
September 2, 2017. Hey family! Here is the final recording from the Black August webinars! Sendolo Diaminah took lots of patience and creativity breaking down Black Ideological Struggle for us.[3]

Those saying they would attend, on Facebook included Danielle Purifoy.

Decrim Durham Election Forum


Sendolo Diaminah April 12 (2018).

Want to meet the candidates for sheriff and district attorney? Want to hear community folks ask them the questions we care about? Come through this saturday for our election forum co-hosted with SpiritHouse NC, All Of Us Or None NC, Southerners On New Ground and BYP100 Durham Chapter! Can't make it? Share it with your friends :)

Aiden Riley Graham, Aidil Ortiz, Nia Wilson, D’atra Jackson, Alec Greenwald, Carolina Alzuru, Carol Reiner-Yepez, Anna Duncan, Bennett D. Carpenter, Elainiel Baldwin, Bryan Proffitt, Hashim Benford, Osunfunke Omisade Burney-Scott, Mikel Barton, Courtney Sebring, Chanelle Croxton, Dove Kent, Danielle Purifoy, Raymond Eurquhart, Thaddaeus Allen Edwards, Tom Feltner, Felicia Arriaga, Gen Na, Magan Gonzales Thigpen, Holly Hardin, Kori Higgs, Jesse Huddleston, Mya Hunter, Undreya Hudson, Parker T. Hurley, Sufia Ikbal-Doucet, Jennifer Frye, Kimber Jean, Turquoise LeJeune Parker, LeAndre Demond Blakeney, Lisa McCool-Grime, Pierce Freelon, Quinton Harper, Quita Tinsley, Rodrigo Dorfman, Serena Sebring, Santos Flores, Matthew Sears, Seamus Robertson, Vernetta R. Alston.


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