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Bryan Perlmutter



Bryan Perlmutter is a North Carolina activist. He is a North Carolina native and a graduate of North Carolina State University where he received a BS in business administration and non-profit studies. He is the founder and Director of Ignite NC. He is also currently leading the Development Committee of the Southern Vision Alliance. At NC State, Bryan worked to build coalitions to oppose budget cuts and tuition hikes. During his final year at N.C. State, he helped to found the NC Student Power Union. From 2012-2014 he was the communications and development director for the Youth Organizing Institute. He was among the first 17 people arrested during the first Moral Monday and has become a leader in this movement, serving as the youth speaker at many events. Bryan was recently interviewed by Chris Matthews on MSNBC regarding youth and student voter suppression in North Carolina. Bryan’s speeches are featured in official Moral Monday videos. He was a panelist at the Annual Awards Banquet for the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence; he was the commencement speaker at the 2014 NC State University graduation for the non-profit studies department. He has presented at the New Economy Institute Conference, Virginia Student Power Network and Tennessee Student Union conferences. Bryan currently serves on the Advisory Board for North Carolina Student Power Union, the Youth Organizing Institute, and Launch Progress.[1]

March on Wall Street South

In August 2012, March on Wall Street South organizers helped to build a multi-city network of more than 20 organizing centers. They report that the Detroit Moratorium NOW! Coalition has chartered a bus, organizers from Occupy 4 Jobs and other groups are coming in vans from New York City, and activists from the South and elsewhere are joining the protests.

Lifetime Charlotte resident Bryan Perlmutter is a March on Wall Street South volunteer organizer and a member of the North Carolina State University chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. As he participated in a city workers’ informational picket at Charlotte City Hall on Aug. 6, he talked to WW about the city and why it was chosen for the DNC: “It’s evident as you walk around Charlotte that it’s a city centered around Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Duke Energy. It’s clear if you look at political donations and the policies of the Democrats and who they’re really supporting — and that it is the big banks, corporations and big utility companies that are passing the burden along to the people. [The Democratic Party] picked this state and specifically this city to prop up the banks and corporations that they’re working for.”

Added Perlmutter: “I see a lot of intersections between the struggles of students and the struggles of workers right now. … [I]t’s important that we support each other. We have a common theme in that we’re both being hurt by the banks and corporations, the 1% that are profiting off our education and profiting off the work of city workers and all workers. So it’s important that we stand together and really come together around our common interests. All our struggles are connected. With solidarity and with support we can join together and overcome the forces that are trying to keep us down.”[2]

N.C. Vote Defenders

In 2013, Bryan Perlmutter, a recent graduate of N.C. State University in Raleigh, was leading a student-run initiative called the N.C. Vote Defenders that will train and organize North Carolina college students to protect voters -- especially college students and people of color -- from overzealous poll watchers. The effort comes in response to the state's controversial new Voter Information Verification Act, which contains provisions that expand the powers of amateur poll observers -- activities that have hazardous racial histories in North Carolina and beyond.

Ignite Staff

Ignite NC staff, as of 2015;[3]

Ignite training

Bryan Perlmutter August 30, 2014 ·


Ignite NC fellow training day one is over! #peopleovermoney the work is only starting! #fall2014 — with Sanyu LG, Saif Roshan, Irving Allen, Gavin Jerrod VIncent, Bree Newsome, D’atra Jackson, Lela Ali and Elena Everett.

SVA Executive Staff

Southern Vision Alliance executive staff, as of September 2017;



NC Student Power Union May 23, 2014 ·


With Elizabeth Brown, D'atra Jackson, Bryan Perlmutter, Saif Wideman, Sarona Abuaker, Laurel Ashton, Jess Ella May, Casey Aldridge, Evan Kolosna, Elisa Benitez Hernandez, Sanyu Lukwago and Zaina Alsous.

Peoples budget

NC Student Power Union March 27, 2013 ·


Students from 4 different universities gathered today for a press conference and to deliver demands of a peoples budget to Senator Brunstetter — with Juan Miranda, Blanche Amelia S. Brown, Madeline Miller, Ben Carroll, Bryan Perlmutter and Zaina Alsous.